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Small Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Kirk say Kirk : "Courtesy. Remember?"
Elaan : "Courtesy is not for inferiors."
Kirk : "Courtesy is for everyone around here, and you'll find you won't be able to exist on Troyius without it. Mister Scott, our Chief Engineer, has shown you his engineering department. That's a courtesy. You respond by saying thank you."?

2. In which episode does Spock say "Stonn; she is yours. After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."?

3. Who said "At the time it seemed the logical thing to do."?

4. In which episode does Kahlest say "My life ended on Khitomer. I served a proud family, a strong house. All that is gone."?

5. Who said "Tam, when you reached out to the alien, to warn it, did you give any thought to this vessel? To the danger, however inadvertent, that creature might pose to our crew? Or did you simply react out of instinct?"?


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