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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. Who said "Looks like you've got your evening all planned out. I hope you left room for the unexpected."?

2. In which episode does Picard say "Let the dead rest, and the past remain the past."?

3. In which episode does Bashir say "You function as judge, jury and executioner. And I think that's too much power for anyone."?

4. In which episode does Odo say "Another glorious chapter of Klingon history. Tell me, do they still sing songs of the Great Tribble Hunt?"?

5. Who said "What is the nature of the psychiatric emergency?"?

6. Who said "Once, just once, I would like to land somewhere and say 'Behold, I am the Archangel Gabriel.'"?

7. In which episode does Claudius say "You're a Roman, Kirk, or you should have been!"?

8. In which episode does O'Brien say "It's not you I hate, Cardassian. I hate what I became, because of you."?

9. Who said "Sometimes, Number One, you just have to bow to the absurd."?

10. In which episode does Soong say "Jonathan Archer. What brings you here, they naming the prison after you?"?

11. Who said "The claim 'I was only following orders' has been used to justify too many tragedies in our history."?

12. In which episode does Chakotay say "Monsters in the replicator. Who else on this ship can handle that?"?

13. Who said "My youngest child has been without a father for four years. Yet I am certain of her well being; that I conveyed my values to her before leaving. And I have confidence in the integrity of those around her. You have been an exemplary mother to Naomi, and she is in the hands of people you trust. She will survive, and prosper, no matter what becomes of us."?

14. In which episode does Kazago say "As you hew-mons say... I'm all ears."?

15. Who said "Well there goes paradise."?

16. In which episode does Worf say "The true test of a warrior is not without, it is within!"?

17. Who said "The world that I was born into was very different from yours, Lieutenant. We knew pain, we knew terror. Struggle made us strong - not peace, not unity. These are myths the Federation would have you believe."?

18. Who said "No changeling has ever harmed another."?

19. In which episode does Nomad say "This unit is different. It is well ordered."?

20. Who said "I am looking for Mr. Neelix's instinct. Perhaps it will be marked"?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 10,160 Last updated : 30 Jun 2022