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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Picard say "Engage"?

2. Who said "This isn't a damn sensor glitch! We just pulled three .50 caliber bullets from the shuttlepod hull - and spare us the official Vulcan position about time travel! We are two hundred years in the past. Face it!"?

3. In which episode does Pike say "I'm tired of being responsible for 203 lives, and I'm tired of deciding which mission is too risky and which isn't, and who's going on the landing party and who doesn't... and who lives, and who dies."?

4. Who said "If I were in your shoes I would be looking for someone a little more entertaining, a little more fun, and maybe even a little more attainable."?

5. In which episode does Senator Vrax say "This mission was supposed to cause dissension in the region. It's had the opposite effect."?

6. Who said "It's like I said, the more things change, the more they stay the same."?

7. In which episode does Spock say "Interesting. Your Earth people glorify organized violence for forty centuries, but you imprison those who employ it privately."?

8. Who said "You'll like it. Things blow up."?

9. In which episode does Mestral say "I need to go now. 'I Love Lucy' is on tonight."?

10. Who said "It isn't uncommon, you know. It's easy to get lost, in the vastness of space. There's only yourself, your ship, your crew."?

11. Who said "When you treat people like animals, you're gonna get bit."?

12. In which episode does Spock say "Superior ability breeds superior ambition."?

13. In which episode does Kirk say "We tried it once your way Khan, are you game for a rematch? Khan... I'm laughing at the superior intellect."?

14. Who said "Spock, nobody knows the rules better than you but there has got to be an exception!"?

15. Who said "All these years, the hermit of La Barre. Now suddenly he's inescapable."?

16. Who said "I never thought he could do it. Integrate successfully. If you could have seen him before. He was so ill-prepared to be on his own. I was sure he'd come back. I told him when he left, he'd come back, and all these years I was so certain that eventually one day he'd show up at the lab. Well, I guess I'd better get used to the idea he's not going to."?

17. In which episode does Picard say "Commander, both our ships are ready to fight. We have two extremely powerful and destructive arsenals at our command. Our next actions will have serious repercussions. We have reason to mistrust one another but even better reason to set those differences aside. Of course, the question is, who will take the initiative? Who will make the first gesture of trust? The answer is... I will."?

18. In which episode does Jellico say "And... get that fish out of the ready room."?

19. In which episode does T'Pol say "Hello... I'm your mother. You're going to need a name. We should discuss that with your father."?

20. In which episode does Janeway say "Have you thought about applying to the advocate general's office? You'd make a good lawyer."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 10,160 Last updated : 30 Jun 2022