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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. Who said "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"?

2. In which episode does O'Brien say "You know the old saying, a man who is always looking over his shoulder is waiting for trouble to find him."?

3. In which episode does Mestral say "I need to go now. 'I Love Lucy' is on tonight."?

4. In which episode does Pike say "I'll break out of this zoo somehow and get to you. Is your blood red like ours? I'm gonna find out!"?

5. In which episode does Phlox say "There's an old saying: 'When in Fellebia, do as the Fellebians do.'"?

6. In which episode does Tracey say "He was cast out! Don't you recognise the Evil One? Who else would trick you with your own sacred words? Let your God strike me dead if I lie. But he won't, because I speak for him!"?

7. In which episode does Paris say "Piloting lessons!"?

8. In which episode does Okona say "Life is like loading twice your cargo weight into your spacecraft. If it's canaries and you can keep half of them flying all the time, you're all right."?

9. In which episode does Worf say "If winning is not important, then Commander... why keep score?"?

10. Who said "There's theory and then there's application. They don't always jibe."?

11. Who said "This entire ship seems built on comfort, relaxation, being at ease. It is not the ship of a warrior... not the ship of a Klingon."?

12. Who said "With respect, captain, I wonder if you would be so determined to find this apparition if it were a scantily clad man?"?

13. Who said "You know there was a time when I wouldn't hurt a fly. And then the Borg came. And they taught me that if there is one constant in this universe, it's death."?

14. In which episode does Hoshi say "Anyone tries to badmouth Captain Archer in front of me is going to get an earful. In any language they want."?

15. Who said "I speak of rights. A machine has none; a Man must! My client has the right to face his accuser. And if you do not grant him that right you have brought us down to the level of the machine. Indeed you have elevated that machine above us! I ask that my motion be granted. And more than that, Gentlemen... in the name of humanity, fading in the shadow of the machine... I demand it. I DEMAND IT!"?

16. In which episode does Picard say "Mr. Worf, dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hanson. We have engaged the Borg."?

17. In which episode does Elbrun say "Think of it, Dee... this intelligence that swims naked through space like a fish in the sea. Totally alien, mysterious, not like us at all. Ancient. And alone. So lonely, for so long."?

18. Who said "Take us out of the system. But not too quickly; the Andorian mining consortium runs from no-one!"?

19. In which episode does Vash say "A friend dropped me off."?

20. In which episode does Spock say Romulan Commander : "You have nothing in Starfleet to which to return. I offer, we offer you an alternative. We will find a place for you, if you wish it."
Spock : "A place?"
Romulan Commander : "With me. Romulan women are not like Vulcan females. We are not dedicated to pure logic and the sterility of non-emotion. Our people are warriors. Often savage. But we are also many other pleasant things."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 8,485 Last updated : 22 Oct 2021