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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Sulu say "Attention John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-range torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail."?

2. Who said "Confidence is faith in oneself. It can't easily be given by another."?

3. In which episode does Admiral Ross say "Four hundred years ago, a victorious general spoke the following words at the end of another costly war. 'Today the guns are silent. A great tragedy has ended. We have known the bitterness of defeat and the exultation of triumph. From both we have learned there can be no going back. We must go forward to preserve in peace what we've won in war.'"?

4. Who said "But you can't go through life trying to avoid getting a broken heart. If you do, it'll break from lonliness anyway."?

5. In which episode does Sarek say "It is a generous offer. But I must warn you that while I would gain your stability, you would experience the fierce onslaught of emotions unleashed by my condition. Vulcan emotions are extremely intense. We have learned to suppress them. No human would be able to control them. They would overwhelm you. The mind-meld can be a terrible intimacy."?

6. In which episode does Spock say "Tell her... I feel fine."?

7. In which episode does EMH say "There's one more request... something of a personal nature... I would like... a name."?

8. Who said "But you can't go through life trying to avoid getting a broken heart. If you do, it'll break from lonliness anyway."?

9. In which episode does Troi say "Confidence is faith in oneself. It can't easily be given by another."?

10. Who said "You know, I've been a soldier and I've been a politician, and I have to say, I'm beginning to think that being a soldier was easier."?

11. Who said "Well, gentlemen, we all have to take a chance. Especially if one is all you have."?

12. In which episode does Archer say "They kidnapped the wrong people."?

13. Who said "You don't understand because you've never put on one of these uniforms. You don't know anything about sacrifice or honour or duty or any of the things that make up a soldier's life. I'm part of something larger than myself. All you care about is you."?

14. Who said "You are the different one, Mister Spock. You do not think like the others. There are no colours to your patterns of logic. There's only black and white. You see all this around you, yet you do not believe."?

15. In which episode does Tark say "Of course he knew her. They were to be married, but he behaved disgracefully. Unheard of! He was jealous of her!"?

16. In which episode does Q say "There are creatures in the universe who would consider you the ultimate achievement, android. No feelings, no emotions, no pain, and yet you covet those qualities of Humanity. Believe me, you're missing nothing. But if it means anything to you, you're a better Human than I."?

17. Who said "You're afraid that your big scary Klingon side may have been showing. Well, I saw it up close. And you know, it wasn't so terrible. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again someday."?

18. In which episode does Tuvok say "It was a fire hazard."?

19. Who said "Still chasing your own tail? Picard and his lackeys would have solved all this techno-babble hours ago. No wonder you're not commanding a starship!"?

20. In which episode does Samuel T. Cogley say "I speak of rights. A machine has none; a Man must! My client has the right to face his accuser. And if you do not grant him that right you have brought us down to the level of the machine. Indeed you have elevated that machine above us! I ask that my motion be granted. And more than that, Gentlemen... in the name of humanity, fading in the shadow of the machine... I demand it. I DEMAND IT!"?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 9,900 Last updated : 29 May 2022