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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Reyga say "After all, a Ferengi scientist is almost a contradiction in terms!"?

2. In which episode does Sisko say "On Earth there is no poverty, no crime, and no war. You look out the window and you see Paradise. Well, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise but the Maquis do not live in Paradise."?

3. Who said "I pity you. We live in a universe of magic, which evidently you cannot see."?

4. Who said "What are you doing with that dog? I'm not talking about the puppy!"?

5. Who said "The offender, Miles O'Brien, human, officer of the Federation Starfleet, has been found guilty of aiding and abetting seditious acts against the state. The sentence is death. Let the trial begin!"?

6. In which episode does Kelinda say "This business of love. You have devoted much literature to it. Why do you build such a mystique around a simple biological function?"?

7. In which episode does Reed say "Reed alert. That's not bad!"?

8. In which episode does Odo say "Being accused of a crime is not a disgrace, Chief. Some of the great figures of history have shared the honour with you."?

9. Who said "Anyone tries to badmouth Captain Archer in front of me is going to get an earful. In any language they want."?

10. In which episode does Data say "Is that the purpose of existence? To care for someone?"?

11. In which episode does Chakotay say "Killing's the worst thing I've ever had to do."?

12. Who said "You are me! The same noble Picard blood runs through our veins! Had you lived my life, you'd be doing exactly as I am. Look in the mirror and see yourself. Consider that Captain... I can think of no greater torment for you."?

13. In which episode does Janeway say "Abandon ship? The answer's no. I'm not breaking up the family, Chakotay."?

14. In which episode does Brunt say "A child, a moron, a failure, and a psychopath. Quite a little team you've put together."?

15. In which episode does Mr Atoz say "After all a library serves no purpose unless someone is using it."?

16. Who said "I fail to understand how a five-foot android with heuristic learning systems and the strength of ten men could be called a child."?

17. Who said "Crewmen Bennett and Hayden over there, do you see them? If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate. Do you think they might let me watch?"?

18. In which episode does Spock say "Every life comes to an end when time demands it. Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted."?

19. Who said "Delete the wife."?

20. Who said "You are the different one, Mister Spock. You do not think like the others. There are no colours to your patterns of logic. There's only black and white. You see all this around you, yet you do not believe."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 8,485 Last updated : 22 Oct 2021