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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Riker say "A blind man teaching an android how to paint? That's got to be worth a couple of pages in somebody's book!"?

2. In which episode does Kahlest say "My life ended on Khitomer. I served a proud family, a strong house. All that is gone."?

3. In which episode does Sulu say "You'll find that more happens on the bridge of a starship than just carrying out orders and observing regulations. There is a sense of loyalty to the men and women you serve with, a sense of family. Those two men on trial... I served with them for a long time. I owe them my life a dozen times over. And right now they're in trouble, and I'm going to help them. Let the regulations be damned."?

4. Who said "There's a man ot there I haven't seen in fifteen years who's trying to kill me. You've shown me a son who would be happy to help him. What am I feeling? Old. Worn out."?

5. Who said "It's just that I prefer to be acquainted with the women that I kiss."?

6. Who said "When it rains... do you run from doorway to doorway trying to stay dry, getting wet all the while? Or, do you just accept the fact that it's raining and walk with dignity?"?

7. In which episode does Opaka say "They don't know how to do anything else but die... they've forgotten how to live."?

8. Who said "Do you think you could possibily behave a little less like yourself?"?

9. Who said "If you don't start moving in the next five seconds, I'm gonna take my phase pistol and shoot you in the ass!"?

10. In which episode does Paris say "You're afraid that your big scary Klingon side may have been showing. Well, I saw it up close. And you know, it wasn't so terrible. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again someday."?

11. In which episode does Beverly say "They're brothers, Data. Brothers forgive."?

12. In which episode does Nona say "I am a Kahn-ut-tu woman. In all this land, how many are there? Men seek us because through us they become great leaders."?

13. In which episode does Dr. Mora say "I'm beginning to think that the scientific method and police method have a lot in common."?

14. Who said "Come on, Tuvok. After all the xenophobic races we've run into, don't you find it just a little refreshing to meet some people who value openness and freedom?"?

15. Who said "Captain, you are an excellent star ship commander, but as a taxi driver... you leave much to be desired."?

16. Who said "We all create God in our own image."?

17. In which episode does Guinan say "The idea of fitting in just repels me."?

18. In which episode does Picard say "Well, they say if you travel far enough you will eventually meet yourself. Having experienced that, Number One, it's not something I would care to repeat."?

19. Who said "Would you mind taking off your clothing? I'd like to learn more about your anatomy."?

20. In which episode does Picard say "Admiral? What you're doing is unethical. It's immoral. I'll fight it."?


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