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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Data say "I have often wondered about my own mortality as I have seen others age around me. Until now it has been theoretically possible that I would live an unlimited period of time. And although some might find this attractive, to me it only reinforces that fact that I am... artificial."?

2. Who said "Just because we don't understand a life form doesn't mean that we can destroy it."?

3. Who said "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard."?

4. In which episode does Odo say "I love you, Nerys. I've always loved you."?

5. Who said "No beach to walk on."?

6. In which episode does Holo-Byron say "Free of passion? One might as well be free of Humanity."?

7. In which episode does Sisko say "Going through my own adolescence was difficult enough. Survivng my son's is going to take a miracle."?

8. In which episode does McCoy say "When the personality of a human is involved, exact predictions are hazardous."?

9. Who said "The Federation has pushed the frontier for centuries, but no longer. This is where it begins, Lieutenant. This is where the frontier pushes back."?

10. In which episode does Phlox say "When you invited me to join this crew, I thought it would be an interesting diversion for a few months. Some time away from the complications of family, which on Denobula can be extremely complicated. I didn't expect to gain another family. It hurts as if she were my own child. Make something good come from this, Captain."?

11. Who said "It may sound cruel, but we both know that ship out there was worth it. Those five deaths may save five thousand lives, or maybe even five million. And if I had to make the same trade all over again, I would. But five people are dead, fine men and women who deserved a lot more than to die on some lonely planet fifty thousand light years away from home."?

12. In which episode does Kirk say "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard."?

13. In which episode does Tucker say "I don't know who did more damage to the engine, the alien or Malcolm."?

14. In which episode does Riker say "What's a knockout like you doing in a computer generated gin joint like this?"?

15. Who said "Freedom? Freedom? That is a worship word. Yang worship. You will not speak it."?

16. Who said "Being accused of a crime is not a disgrace, Chief. Some of the great figures of history have shared the honour with you."?

17. Who said "It is a good day to die, Duras... and the day is not over yet."?

18. In which episode does EMH say "What is the nature of the psychiatric emergency?"?

19. Who said "Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris... I hereby reduce you to the rank of Ensign. And I sentence you to 30 days solitary confinement."?

20. Who said "Monsters come in many forms. You know the greatest monster of them all, Jim? Guilt."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 9,900 Last updated : 29 May 2022