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Medium Quiz - Quotes

1. Who said "I had a pretty good idea what this was the moment I laid eyes on it. This confirms it. It's a slab of rock with some writing on it."?

2. Who said "Open your mind... we move together, our minds sharing the same thoughts."?

3. Who said "Mr. Worf... fire."?

4. In which episode does Sisko say "I don't care if the odds are against us! If we're going to lose, then we're going to go down fighting... so that when our descendants someday rise up against the Dominion, they'll know know what they're made of!"?

5. Who said "Well, Jim, here's another morsel of agony for you. Since Tyree won't fight, he will be one of the first to die."?

6. In which episode does Spock say "Those who hate and fight must stop themselves, Doctor. Otherwise it is not stopped."?

7. Who said "You cannot explain away a wantonly immoral act because you think that it is connected to some higher purpose."?

8. Who said "We've outgrown you. You asked for something we can no longer give."?

9. In which episode does Neelix say "You keep working on that sense of humour, Commander Vulcan. You'll get it one day."?

10. Who said "Give us some more blood, Chekov.' 'The needle won't hurt, Chekov.' 'Take of your shirt, Chekov.' 'Roll over, Chekov.' 'Breath deeply, Chekov.' 'Blood sample, Chekov.' 'Marrow sample, Chekov.' 'Skin sample, Chekov.' If... if I live long enough, I'm going to run out of samples."?


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