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Y.A.T.I. List

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series | Films

Y.A.T.I. Episode
When Chapel beams down to Taurus II, she was wearing a red uniform. TAS : The Lorelei Signal
In one scene, Captain Koloth is shown on the Enterprise bridge instead of being on the viewscreen. TAS : More Tribbles, More Troubles
In one scene Lieutenant Nored's insignia is shown on the wrong side of her uniform. TAS : The Survivor
These duplicates are described as clones, which means they were created from the DNA of the original person. So why on Earth are they 20 or 30 feet tall? Your height depends in large part on your DNA, if they are duplicates of the original they should be about the same size. Amazingly, the episode gives no hint of exactly what made the clone so huge. TAS : The Infinite Vulcan
When the hangar doors open, the open from one side rather than parting in the centre as shown in TOS. TAS : The Magicks of Megas-tu
A couple of uniform errors; Chapel is shown with a black collar on her uniform, and Spock is shown with his insignia on the wrong side. TAS : Once Upon A Planet
At one point Arex complains that he is now so small that his eyes no longer reach his station's opticals. The navigator's station has no opticals. TAS : The Terratin Incident
Early on, Kirk gives the Stardate as 52.2. Later he says it is now 5267.6. It seems that he missed the 67 out of the first date.

The SS Bonaventure is claimed to be the first ship fitted with warp drive; in fact that honour goes to the Pheonix seen in 'Star Trek : First Contact'. Of course it's a bit unrealistic to expect TAS to have anticipated this thirty or so years in advance!

TAS : The Time Trap
Keep an eye on Spock's life-support belt; it vanishes during one scene. TAS : The Slaver Weapon
The crew of the U.S.S. Ariel are wearing the insignia of the Enterprise, something that should not happen during the TOS timeframe. TAS : The Eye of the Beholder
The Vedalan ground vehicle isn't a very good design. For one thing, you'd expect it to be an anti-gravity car. But even granting that it has wheels, it uses no less than three different types of wheel - which means you either have to carry three different types of spare, or you have to abandon your vehicle the first time a wheel gets broken. TAS : The Jihad
Kirk and crew continually refer to the Orions are 'Or-ee-on'; before and since, the word has always been pronounced 'Oh-rye-un'. TAS : The Pirates of Orion
How does Bem control the other parts of his body? A telepathic link? TAS : Bem
During the last scene, McCoy is shown wearing a yellow uniform rather than a blue one. TAS : Albatross
At one point, we see a wide shot of the bridge; Uhura is drawn as a caucasian. TAS : How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
When McCoy gives Sarah April a tour of sickbay, he comments on how many of the tools there were designed by her. She replies that as the first medical officer aboard a ship equipped with warp drive, she frequently had to come up with new ideas. However, the SS Bonaventure was established as the first warp drive ship in 'The Time Trap'.

We have also seen that, in fact, there have been warp drive starships around for two centuries by the time of TAS; at the very least Phlox beats Sarah by a century in terms of medical officers aboard such ships, and it is highly likely that most if not all other warp driven ships had medical officers. However, we can't really blame TAS for this; since the series is not considered canonical future writers have deliberately chosen to go in different directions. It would be beyond even my nitpicking tastes to blame TAS for contradictions which were done deliberately decades in the future!

TAS : The Counter-Clock Incident

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series | Films

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