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Y.A.T.I. List

Series :The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

Y.A.T.I. Episode
If the wormhole aliens do not experience linear time and so know the past and future, why don't they understand about Humans and linear time? Why do they need to ask Sisko any questions? They should already know the answers! DS9 : Emissary
When the Bajoran mob trash Odo's office, somebody scrawls "Shifter" on the wall - in English. Was an off duty Starfleet officer in the mob?

So let's talk about clones. In the TNG episode "Up The Long Ladder", Riker and Pulaski find that they have been cloned without their knowledge or consent. Riker vapourises both of the (half-grown) clones with his phaser. Presumably, then, Federation law does not classify clones as human individuals with a right to life. Yet here, Odo states that 'Killing your own clone is still murder'. So, why the difference? Perhaps it was that Ibudan's clone was fully grown and awake, whilst the clones in "Up The Long Ladder" were still only partially formed and unconscious, making what Riker did into some kind of weird clone abortion? Or then again, perhaps Riker's actions were considered in light of Federation law, or even Mariposan law, whilst Deep Space Nine may operate under Bajoran law. Either way, here's what I find a little strange - in investigating the crime Doctor Bashir creates a new clone of Ibudan, who grows to full maturity and goes on about his life. Is that even remotely ethical?! Bashir created a new life form here! When Data did that, Picard acted like it was a pretty big deal, something to be considered carefully. Nobody here so much as mentions that it might be a questionable thing to do!
DS9 : A Man Alone
Odo says the Bajorans had to smuggle the aphasic device into the station while it was under construction, before he became security chief. But the station was built 18 years ago, and Odo only became Security Chief 9 years ago. So they had ages to plant the device before he came along. DS9 : Babel
At the end of the peisode, O'Brien offers to walk the Hunter and Tosk off the station. Since the Hunter's ship was never actually docked to the station, where exactly is O'Brien taking them? DS9 : Captive Pursuit
When Vash is locking up her stuff, the guy who runs the place describes each one to a computer. Why not just take a hologram of them? DS9 : Q-Less
Sisko worries that the alien ship is probably going to escape since it is faster than a Runabout. Why not fire on it and disable it? Or lock the docking clamps down? Or beam Jadzia off it before it departs?

Gee, Klaestron IV sure does look an awful lot like Angel I, doesn't it?

At one point Peers refers to "the Trillian government". This word will never be used again; from now on the collective name for Trill is Trill. You know, like Sheep!
DS9 : Dax
In this episode Bashir claims that you can't really tell if somebody is dead using a tricorder. Well, I won't list all the times that he has done exactly this since, but suffice to say there a lot of them. DS9 : The Passenger
Julian shows up to the first contact saying that he has lost his dress uniform. Couldn't he just replicate a new one? DS9 : Move Along Home
Why aren't the station's airlocks kept locked when there is no ship docked at them? Given the amount of crime on the station this would seem to be a sensible precaution. DS9 : The Nagus
When Odo is in the form of a glass and gets broken, the little pieces of him all swarm back together. But if a changeling can keep control of parts separated from the rest of his body, then why does blood revert to liquid form during a blood test? DS9 : Vortex
One of the faction bosses claims that they stopped using directed energy weapons centuries ago. Yet for the rest of the episodes both sides fire freely on one another with... you guessed it... directed energy weapons! DS9 : Battle Lines
When the Dalrock shows up O'Brien claims that there is no atmospheric disturbance. Yet stuff is being blown around all over the place! Doesn't strong wind count as an atmospheric disturbance?
And Bashir pronounced somebody dead in this episode using... you guessed it... a tricorder!
DS9 : The Storyteller
When Kira finally decides to evict Mullibok, she does it in a remarkably brutal fashion. First she blows his kiln to pieces with her sidearm, then she sets fire to his house and all his belongings in front of him! Why not just beam him up to her Runabout and leave? DS9 : Progress
I wonder what happened to this "puppy" program over the years. It's never mentioned again, but was it still there during the Dominion occupation of the station? If so, why not use it to help in the Federation's sabotage before leaving? DS9 : The Forsaken
At the end of the episode they open an airlock and blow the telepathic cloud out of the door. So... the energy cloud is blown about by the wind? Does this make sense? DS9 : Dramatis Personae
Marritza uses his Kalla-Nohra syndrome in order to make everybody think he is Darheel. But he was actually at Gallitep, so he should know that Darheel wasn't there during the accident and so never had Kalla-Nohra. DS9 : Duet
When Keiko set up the school, she told Sisko that her syllabus would have to be innovative to include all the different viewpoints of the alien races. Yet now she is taking a strictly Federation rationalist line about the Wormhole aliens. Why not teach the subject much as Sisko explains it to Jake, i.e. lay out both sides of the argument? DS9 : In the Hands of the Prophets
The Runabout left four people on the surface - yet made no attempt to beam them up as they headed up into space. DS9 : The Homecoming
When the Bajorans begin to fill the conduits with anethezine gas O'Brien claims he would have thought of that himself. Well why didn't he? If he had filled the docking ring with the stuff as soon as the Bajorans arrived, the attack would have been stopped then and there. DS9 : The Siege
Why didn't Sisko have Quark arrested after this episode? The Ferengi assisted a terrorist group that tried to murder a Starfleet officer, kidnap a sentient being, destroy DS9 and all of its crew... DS9 : Invasive Procedures
Why would a race which has evolved in a place with no gravity have arms and legs like ours? DS9 : Melora
Rom has developed an awfully protective attitude to his brother of late. Last year he tried to murder Quark by throwing him out of an airlock, but here it's all brothers standing together. DS9 : Rules of Acquisition
Why is Odo so disgusted at collaborators, given that he himself was a collaborator? DS9 : Necessary Evil
The Prometheus sure is light on officers. The captain appears to be a Lieutenant and nobody of higher rank is ever seen or mentioned.

At one point Dax says they are boosting the top speed of Seyetik's ship to warp nine point five, saying that if his experiment fails and the sun goes supernova, they will need to get out of there fast. But supernova explosions produce radiation which travels at lightspeed. Warp 1 is that fast, so even at Warp 1.1 the ship could comfortably escape any supernova. At 9.5 they'd be going at upwards of 1,800 times faster than this!
DS9 : Second Sight
I don't get why anybody enjoys the "game". All you do is push a button, and it makes a few noises and then either lights up or doesn't. And that's it. There seems to be no continuing aspect where you play from round to round, no rules, nothing. Everyone acts like it's this really intriguing form of gambling, but how is it any different than just flipping a coin? Connect a light to a little random number generator, add a couple of little sounds, and that's this device in a nutshell. I wondered if maybe the device was supposed to be manipulating people's minds to make them think it's interesting when it's obviously not, but that really doesn't seem to be the case. DS9 : Rivals
Sisko says of his father, "When my father became ill I can remember how small and weak he looked lying there in the bed. He'd been so strong, so independent. It always seemed to me there was nothing that he couldn't do. But in the end, I realised that there was nothing that he could do, and nothing I could do to help him."

He's talking for all the world here as if his father is dead. Yet, his father will go on to be a significant recurring character in later seasons, still a relatively fit and healthy man. Now technically Sisko doesn't say his father is dead, and he could be talking about a time he got sick and then got better. But it sure doesn't come across that way!

Dr. Pol says "Dear god, what have I done?" when Odo is trapped behind the forcefield. Since he's Bajoran, shouldn't that be something like "Prophets, what have I done?"

DS9 : The Alternate
This episode reveals that Bashir gave his diaries to Dax so she could understand him better, since they contained his innermost thoughts. I wonder if his diaries contain information about his genetic enhancements?

Sisko tells Keiko that "Miles was a fine officer, and a fine man." There are other references to "your officers". O'Brien's rank has been all over the place in Trek, but generally he's been considered to be an enlisted man, not an officer. Indeed, this very episode has him talking about "career officers" as being something he is not.

When Keiko complains about O'Brien drinking coffee after 15:00, somebody says it might have been Tea. Keiko replies that "I checked the data clip. It contained a spectroscopic analysis. The liquid in Miles' cup consisted of vegetable-based oils and caffeine. It's coffee all right." Um, Tea also contains both vegetable oils and caffeine. And surely Keiko the botanist would know this?
DS9 : Armageddon Game
O'Brien says here that his mother died two years earlier, yet in TNG's "Family" - set four years ago - he said that he once found his father chasing a nurse around sickbay. So his father did this while his wife was still alive?

What exactly is the point of mounting the big deception here? The crew apparently know O'Brien is a fake before he even arrives on the station, right? So why not just stun him the minute he gets there and then stick him in a holding cell? Instead, they spend a whole day or so making everyone pretend that he's the real O'Brien, including faking up a makework job for him to do and locking him out of the security stuff around the peace talks. Hell, they even rope Molly in on this, having this tiny kid know that O'Brien isn't her real Daddy but pretend he is anyway! And all of that, to accomplish... what?
DS9 : Whispers
I wonder just how far this dampening field effect spreads? What would have stopped O'Brien and Sisko just walking five or ten miles and then beaming back up? Or even a hundred miles if necessary - even a trek like that would only take a week or two. DS9 : Paradise
When the holoprojector is turned off, the only real things left are the projector itself and Rurigan. Surely he must have brought more stuff with him to this planet? Why don't we see anything when the projector is off? DS9 : Shadowplay
Why does the new universe glow? A universe should be completely self contained, it shouldn't be able to emit light off into another universe. DS9 : Playing God
Discussing an impending Dominion attack, Bashir notes that two hours will not be long enough to get reinforcements from Bajor. Why don't they bring reinforcements in now? And what about Starfleet - Sisko has had the time to go all the way to Earth and back since the last episode, they could have massed whole fleets at the station by now.

When attacked by the Jem'Hadar, Sisko orders the shields up. But he already knows that the phased polaron beams used by the Dominion go through Federation shields. The Odyssey captain transferred shield power to the weapons because of this, which seems eminently sensible, so why isn't Sisko doing the same instead of wasting power on shields?

DS9 : The Search, Part 1
How come you can collapse the wormhole by just firing into it in this episode, but later on O'Brien has to rig up some special beam to do the same thing? DS9 : The Search, Part 2
This episode begins a long line of Defiant nits. The Dominion is this massive threat which could come pouring out of the wormhole at any moment. The Defiant was assigned to DS9 specifically to counter that threat. Yet Sisko treats it like his own personal taxi, jaunting off to Trill so Dax can get treated and leaving the station undefended. Why not take a Runabout? That's exactly what they are for! DS9 : Equilibrium
So the Jem'Hadar don't need to eat, yet they grow to adluthood in a few days. Where does all the mass come from? They don't seem to consume nearly enough of that Ketracel White stuff to account for it. Do they suck up gas from the atmosphere and do nuclear reactions to turn it into other elements or something? Maybe it comes from the same place as all the Founder's mass when they grow really big?

Bashir claims that most species which show extremely rapid growth are simple creatures and he's never seen anything like it in anything as complex as a humanoid. Well that may be true, but the medical literature should certainly include at least one example - Deana Troi's son Ian showed hyper-accelerated growth at least comparable to this, and that was only six years prior to this episode. Strange that he never thought to look it up or mention it.

DS9 : The Abandoned
What exactly is the whole "I have nothing to say to you O'Brien" thing about? So far as we know Riker and O'Brien were on excellent terms when they parted. Okay it gets rid of the Chief quickly, but it's a hell of a chance to take - what if he'd said "no sir, I haven't a clue why. What's the problem?" Surely Riker would have done better to chat for a minute or two, then shoot a few meaningful glances at Kira behind her back. That would get rid of the Chief pretty fast, I would think.

In fact, I find the whole reaction to Riker a little curious. Everyone seems to act as if he's an old friend of theirs that they've known for years - even Kira reacts that way. But so far as we know only Dax has ever even met him before - and that happened offscreen.
DS9 : Defiant
Lwaxana's effect on the station sure is selective. It only seems to make the senior officers start jumping all over one another, whilst leaving everybody else totally unaffected. DS9 : Fascination
Less a YATI than an observation - this Federation sure is fragile. It seems like there's no change in history so small that it doesn't wipe the Federation out of the timeline. DS9 : Past Tense, Part 1
I love the way the characters in this episode keep pumping their pump-action shotguns to show how serious they are. You see, the pump isn't there to show people that you're serious - it's there to eject a spent round and chamber another one. If you pump a shotgun without firing it, it spits out a perfectly good round and loads the next one. Basically, the characters are gradually disarming themselves!

Okay, I want to be nice about this but it's a bit indelicate. Dax comes through the sewers to get into the sanctuary. So first, why isn't she all covered in... er... waste? And second, why can't the cops do the same thing?

When they come back from 2048, O'Brien comments about the alternate timeline that "Earth history has been through its rough patches, but never that rough." Really? The failure of social reform in Bell's time led to an America that was worse than the Eugenics wars? Worse than [i]World War III[/i]?! Worse than the 'Post Atomic Horror'?

DS9 : Past Tense, Part 2
I have to wonder why Star Trek surgeons wear those red suits sometimes. I mean, Crusher once said that there is a special type of field in surgical rooms that stops people getting infections - and the suits can't be for that anyway, because they don't cover your nose or mouth. Is it just some kind of surgeon fashion? DS9 : Life Support
So, both Kira and the "crystal" engulfing her are actually the Founder. Which means that when she shot the crystal with her phaser, she was shooting herself. Yet in "Crossover", we see that a single shot from a Bajoran phaser is enough to blow Odo into little itty bitty bits. And later on we will learn that even a low level phaser shot is painful enough that it makes a Founder lose whatever shape they are in. So how can the Founder shoot herself? DS9 : Heart of Stone
Dr. Bashir states that Morn came in with a case of food poisoning after a bad glass of Kanar at Quark's. If so, wouldn't Bashir have scanned his stomachs? As we will later learn, one of Morn's stomachs contains 1,000 bars worth of liquid latinum. Why didn't Bashir spot this? DS9 : Destiny
Why does Quark ask Morn to help him set up the vole fighting? Given how talkative Morn is, word was bound to slip out! DS9 : Through the Looking Glass
Doesn't twenty ships seem like a bit of a measly force to go and attack the Founders? I mean, okay it was a sneak attack that wasn't suppsed to fight its way to the home world or anything... but look at the fleets we see during the war, hundreds of ships strong or more. Even a pretty low level orbital defence system would be more than capable of handling only twenty ships, and the Founder's planet would certainly be likely to have one of those.

So Garak's machine stops Odo from shapeshifting. Then how is it that Odo is still able to move and speak? I always assumed that when Odo shapeshifts, he assumes the shape, colour and texture of whatever he is imitating on the outer surface, but remains liquid inside. Then when he moves, he is essentially using his shapeshifting ability to bend his arms, legs, etc. So shouldn't Garak's machine keep him statue-still? Or does the shapeshifting work some other way?
DS9 : The Die is Cast
Okay, let's take a look at this craft. First, the sails are far, far too small. Current projections are that a ship of this kind of size would need sails hundreds of miles across, at the very least. And this is not something that you can improve with future technology - the sun is the sun, it only exerts so much pressure on a sail no matter how advanced it is. Second, how did this thing ever take off? How is it supposed to land? It's made of wood! It couldn't possibly have survived an atmospheric re-entry. DS9 : Explorers
If the Ferengi evolved on a planet where it rains almost all of the time, shouldn't they actually like rain? So why does Quark like Risa's hot sunny weather so much?

Bashir and O'Brien go through a lot of trouble trying to get into Quark's bar so they can retrieve their dartboard. Odo argues mildly against it, but does nothing. Er, isn't this attempted breaking and entering? Isn't that illegal? Why isn't he arresting them? And why not just use a transporter to beam inside? That way you're only entering without breaking, you might get a lighter sentence! You could even beam the dartboard out, thus avoiding both the breaking and entering altogether!

DS9 : Family Business
Does anybody else find it a bit odd that the Bajorans nearly get involved in a civil war, over some bits of farm equipment? I mean, come on! I know they're desperate, but these people run warp driven starships! Surely soil reclamators can't be that important!

And also, why are they actually farming at all? Farming is supposed to be obsolete in the 24th century! The Federation has been helping the Bajorans for three years now, and in the 24th century you would think that the very first item on the list of things to rebuild would be a global system of food replicators.

DS9 : Shakaar
Is it me, or is Joran way too violent? I mean, the guy lived to be in his twenties. He was joined for six months. This shows that he must have at least some self control! Yet every time we meet him, he is constantly depicted as having an uncontrollable desire to kill everybody he can get his hands on.

This episode establishes perhaps more definitively than any other that O'Brien is not an officer. He even states that he will have to call Nog "sir" after he graduates. Excellent, just right! So why is O'Brien in charge of operations on the station? That's a job for an officer, not an enlisted man!

DS9 : Facets
Given the way everybody was going around firing huge phaser blasts all over the place, I'm surprised they didn't shoot each other. After all, it's not like anybody ever made any attempt to find out if there was anybody ahead of them.

I'm not sure I agree with Sisko's "we go in pairs" idea. I mean, doesn't it guarantee that at least one person is alone with the Founder? Whereas if they went in threes the Founder is sure to be outnumbered, which would at least give the solids a bit of a chance.

DS9 : The Adversary
Another "not a nit, more an observation". Based on their performance in this episode, I can't believe the station crew could ever find a Founder infiltrator, let alone do it in a few hours. They really need some way of spotting them with sensors, rather than just blasting everything in sight with phasers.

Here's a nit, though. When the Defiant cloaks, Worf looks a bit uncomfortable and explains that "I have never been on a Federation ship that had a cloaking device." Well, yes he has! He was abord the Enterprise-D during the events of "The Pegasus", when the ship used the illegal Federation phase cloak system to escape from an asteroid.

When Worf meets O'Brien and Bashir in the bar, O'Brien offers to play darts with him and Worf replies that he doesn't play games. Huh? Worf spent years playing poker on the Enterprise-D, a fact that O'Brien immediately points out to him! Why would Worf laim that he didn't play games? For that matter we also saw him on his way to play a game of Parrises Squares in "11001001".

Worf also acts a little oddly towards Dax and Kira appearing emerging from the holosuite dressed in medieval garb. People on the Enterprise-D dressed in odd costumes all the time to go play on the holodeck, including Worf, who for example dressed as a cowboy to play with his son in "A Fist Full Of Datas". Why is it suddenly embarrasing for him to see people in costume?
DS9 : The Way of the Warrior
How does anybody know that the wormhole goes through an "inversion" every fifty years? They only found the thing three years ago! DS9 : The Visitor
So, in this episode they declare that O'Brien is a Chief Petty Officer. Not a Lieutenant, then, like Riker called him in "Where Silence has Lease"? DS9 : Hippocratic Oath
So do the Breen use phasers, or disruptors? Kira claims that the hits on the Ravinok are phaser hits, yet in "Star Trek : Generations" Riker claims that the Breen use disruptors. DS9 : Indiscretion
So Lenara is creating the first ever artificial wormhole, is she? What about the one in "Star Trek : The Motion Picture" that was created by the imbalance in the Enterprise's warp drive? Doesn't that count as being artificial?

I guess this taboo against reassociation is taken more seriously by some than it is by others. After all, Odan seemed perfectly happy to carry on his relationship with Doctor Crusher through three different hosts.

DS9 : Rejoined
They make the point in this episode that every time the Defiant sends out one of its sensor pulses, it will give away its own position. The solution is to change speed and course each time a pulse is sent out. Unfortunately, we see plenty of shots of the ship sending out multiple pulses whilst staying on the exact same course at the same speed, or even staying completely stationary. DS9 : Starship Down
It's sure lucky that nobody was behind that two-way mirror when Odo morphed out of his doggie shape, isn't it? DS9 : Little Green Men
If you think back to "Rightful Heir", the sword of Kahless was in the monastery on Boreth. Kahless himself picked it up and claimed that it was his sword, and everybody agreed. So how come it's now been missing for hundreds of years?

At the beginning of the episode Worf seems very impressed with Kor, stating amongst his great moments "Your confrontation with Kirk on Organia". This would be the confrontation in which Kor attempted to have two hundred innocent Organians murdered for an act of sabotage that Kirk committed? Does that really seem to anybody to be the kind of thing Worf would admire?
DS9 : The Sword of Kahless
So, why does the Honey Bare character (Dax) carry a handcuff key around in her pocket? I mean, she's a scientist right? She's not a guard or anything. Does she have her own set of handcuffs for... er... recreational purposes?

Dr Noah has a stainless steel Walther PPK in the climactic scene. This model wasn't made until the 1980s. One could dismiss this as an error by the writer of the holonovel, rather than the show!
DS9 : Our Man Bashir
Joseph Sisko claims that a changeling could take a person's blood and hold it inside themselves, dispensing a few drops to fool a blood test. Without a constant oxygen supply, wouldn't the blood congeal or something? Or could the changeling mimic a working system of lungs and internal organs to keep it supplied with oxygen? And if Joseph is right, why does Starfleet keep using blood tests right through the rest of the series as a way to find Founders? DS9 : Homefront
Why did Worf ever try to fight the Lakota? I mean, he had all the time in the world to cloak the Defiant as they approached one another. He could then easily have slipped past and gone on to Earth, which after all was his mission. DS9 : Paradise Lost
Odo boasts in this episode that his daily routine is so regular and predictable that the shopkeepers on the promenade joke that they can set their clocks by him. Gee, that must be a real help to the station's criminals. They would know just when he is going to be around, and just when he is not. DS9 : Crossfire
Why on Earth is Kira catching a lift with Gul Dukat to get to this conference? The senior staff usually use the Defiant as their personal taxi for stuff like this. Even assuming that the ship was busy defending the station for once, wouldn't a Runabout be ideal for this kind of job? DS9 : Return to Grace
When Worf stabs Kurn, Odo says that he had better hope that Kurn doesn't die because then Worf will be charged with murder. As it happens Kurn lives, so everything is okay. So... there's no such thing as attempted murder on DS9? Stabbing somebody in the heart doesn't even rate an assault charge?

At one point, Kurn breaks down and cries in misery. But according to Spock in Star Trek VI, Klingons have no tear ducts and cannot cry.
DS9 : The Sons of Mogh
To make Quark end the strike, Sisko says the Federation will no longer be good landlords and threatens to demand five years worth of back rent. How come? The Federation has only occupied the station for three and a half years. DS9 : Bar Association
This episode begins a complete re-write of the wormhole aliens. If you watch the pilot episode, you will see that the wormhole aliens actually had no idea that the Bajorans existed. Indeed, they regarded corporeal species as "aggressive, adversarial", and in fact didn't even know that any being could exist in linear time. The Orbs were probes the aliens had sent out to seek others like themselves, and the Bajoran's religion was wholly based on a misunderstanding.

Beginning here, the wormhole aliens start to declare that they actually support this whole "Emissary" business the Bajorans have thrust on Sisko. They even declare that they are "of Bajor", and so is Sisko. The former could mean that the aliens are actually distant descendants of the Bajoran people. Ultimately we will find that the latter is because Sisko's mother was actually a wormhole alien. So I guess the aliens were just flat out lying about pretty much everything they said in the pilot episode, then.

DS9 : Accession
Ch'Pok claims that Worf committed a crime in killing civilians, and needs to be extradited to stand trial. Yet in the hearing, he emphasises that Klingons kill all their enemies, be they military or civilian, women or children. So why do the Klingons want Worf extradited for doing something their culture says is okay? And why doesn't either Sisko or the Vulcan judge notice this inconsistency?

When Worf orders Kira to fire on the transport ship he orders a full spread of quantum torpedoes; but on the viewscreen the ship actually fires photon torpedoes.

DS9 : Rules of Engagement
Wow, that O'Brien really doesn't do things by halves. Remember when Data used his phaser on a high setting in "The Ensigns of Command", and blasted several miles worth of an aqueduct with one shot? Well, when O'Brien plans to kill himself he sets his phaser to maximum power. That would probably take out a significant section of the station! DS9 : Hard Time
Those rebels really are modest. They say that they have captured Terok Nor. Yet since we never see Bajor in the background during this episode, they must have actually stolen the station! That's mighty impressive! DS9 : Shattered Mirror
In order to work out how to end Lwaxana's wedding, Odo studies Tavnian law. Yet he still has no idea how their marriage ceremony works. Seems a bit remiss of him. DS9 : The Muse
This episode establishes that the Maquis are not Federation citizens. So how come Starfleet is always after them? Okay, some of them have committed crimes in Federation space - Eddington, for example. But many of them have not, yet Starfleet seems to go for any Maquis they can lay their hands on. DS9 : For the Cause
So this Iconian building is made of neutronium? One cubic metre of that stuff weighs umpty-billion tons. The building should sink to the centre of the planet if it is so immensely heavy. Or are there some sort of anti-gravity systems holding it in place? DS9 : To the Death
Not strictly a nit... but they sure fixed that docking pylon in a hurry. At that rate you could build a whole other station in a few months.

Bashir is all bothered by the idea of letting people die in this episode. Yet in "Life Support", he was all for flipping the Big Switch of Death on Vedek Bareil.

DS9 : The Quickening
Brunt claims that Quark's mother will be out on the streets begging for food. How come? In "Family Business" they say that Ferengi women are not allowed to talk to strangers. DS9 : Body Parts
Why exactly does the female Founder have that smooth, Odo-looking face? We know she can imitate Humanoids perfectly if she wants to, after all. Maybe she does it to make Odo feel more comfortable, but in that case why are her hands perfect copies of a Human's complete with all the wrinkles, etc? DS9 : Broken Link
In Homefront/Paradise Lost, Odo could instantly tell that Admiral Leyton was a changeling. Here he takes a whole episode to work out that Martok is also a changeling.

Just how powerful are disruptors compared to phasers, anyway? In the mirror universe, mirror-Odo exploded when he was hit by a single phaser beam. But it takes a good several dozen disruptor blasts to kill this changeling!

O'Brien claims that a dead Changeling will revert to a gelatinous state. But he's only ever seen one Changeling die, in "The Adversary", and that one just crumbled into dust. The one we saw die in The Ship did the same thing.

At one point a Klingon claims to have killed a Benzite Captain, and Sisko mutters that he went to Academy with the man. This is impossible, since in TNG's "Coming of Age" we meet Mordock, the first Benzite ever to go to the Academy. So unless Sisko went to the Academy after Mordock did in 2364, it couldn't have happened. And with the Academy being a four year course, there's no way Sisko could have graduated in 2368 and been a senior officer during Wolf 359 in 2366.

Oddly, the Runabout in this episode is damaged in the exact same manner as the one in "Body Parts".

Why is there a statue of General Chang in the great hall? The man was a traitor the Empire who assisted in the assassination of his own Chancellor!

So you're a Changeling in a big room full of armed Klingons. You're impersonating the second-highest ranked Klingon present. Somebody accuses you of being a changeling. Do you... a) Yell that the accuser is a traitor, and they should kill him immediately! Because hey, maybe that will actually work, and then you're safe! Or b) make a run for it. Because there's an entire room of potentially hostile guns around you, so you don't want to be there when you can maybe escape, hide, and shift to resemble somebody else - setting the search for you back to square one. Or do you c) Immediately shapeshift in front of everyone and attack the accuser, giving everybody present 100% solid proof that you are indeed a Changeling, and presenting them with a nice easy target for their weapons. Well, if you're an idiot, you go with c!

Why didn't they bring Dax on this mission with them With her detailed knowledge of Klingon culture, she would surely have been a better choice than, say, O'Brien. (In reality, Terry Farrell has very sensitive skin. She is allergic to the makeup used for Klingons, and cannot spend more than a few minutes at a time in direct sunlight.)

DS9 : Apocalypse Rising
When we see the bridge, all the Jem'Hadar are hanging dead from their chairs. Yet in "A Time To Stand", this exact same ship is used by Sisko and his officers on a raid, and they all complain that there are no chairs aboard because the Jem'Hadar never need to sit down.

Worf's description of keeping vigil over the body of a dead man to keep predators away is at odds with TNG's "Heart of Glory", in which it was said that the Klingons regard a corpse as "a worthless shell" to be disposed of. Still, we have seen before that different Klingon houses have different customs, and perhaps this particular one is only practiced by some. Consider it in comparison to the tradition of a wake, or sitting shiva, for instance. Some people practice it, but many don't.

We see that the Dominion have transporters that can beam people onto the ship. So... why don't they just scan it for lifeforms and beam all the Starfleet officers out into space? Then they can walk in and rescue the Changeling.
DS9 : The Ship
In TNG's "The Dauphin" Wesley asks Worf how to get a girl. Worf screams a blood curdling scream, then states that "Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects, and claw at you." About the men he says "He reads love poetry... he ducks a lot." When Wesley declines this advice Worf advises him condescendingly to "Go to her door. Beg like a human."

In TNG's "In Theory" Data asks Worf for relationship advice. Worf replies "Klingons do not pursue relationships. They conquer that which they desire!"

Now watch this episode with those lines in mind. Worf's seduction routine here is nothing like any of that. In fact, he "begs" a good deal more than is common in human dating, now or in the 24th century.

Kahless is said to have fought the battle of Qam-Chee a thousand years ago. Yet in "The Sword of Khaless", he is said to have made his sword 1,400 years ago. Was he really 400 years old at Qam-Chee?

Kira claims that the house she's going to stay at is on the Holana river, and that you can see the river from every room in the house. Huh? Does the river form a moat around the house or something? One would normally expect that in a house by a river, the river would only be visible from one or two sides of the house. Hard to see how you could see it from all four.

Does Worf really have the Defiant all to himself? In modern Naval forces it's very rare for an active warship to ever be completely deserted. There's always somebody aboard, even if it's just a few people to keep watch over the ship.

DS9 : Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
The pagh-wraith claims that it can kill Keiko in a moment, and O'Brien is confident that his beam thingie will instantly disable the pagh-wraith. Yet while the beam takes at least ten seconds to disable the wraith, luckily the wraith totally fails to make use of this time. DS9 : The Assignment
Consider that we see this story in flashback form, that Sisko is actually telling it to the Temporal Investigations guys. Yet one of his lines during the episode is that he doesn't want a visit from Temporal Investigations when he gets home. Doesn't this seem like a rude thing for him to tell them?

At one point Bashir comments that surely O'Brien must have taken Elementary Temporal Mechanics at the Academy. Well, no - O'Brien's an enlisted man, he never went to the Academy.

Much comment was prompted amongst fans by the scene in which Bashir and O'Brien are all confused about why Klingons had no head ridges in the TOS timeframe. Worf refuses to comment, stating that they do not discuss it with outsiders. Enterprise would later reveal that the change was a result of a virus which infected the Klingon population, and was then cured by a genetic change created by Phlox which erased the head ridges as a side effect. So... given that Humans clearly knew that Klingons originally had ridges, and Humans were directly involved in the situation which resulted in their removal... why isn't this common knowledge in the 24th century? Surely at the very, very least it would be something that a Doctor like Bashir would know about.

DS9 : Trials and Tribble-ations
How come Ardanis recognized Dax as soon as they met? She said that the last time they met the symbiont was in Curzon. Did Jadzia send a picture of herself? DS9 : Let He Who Is Without Sin...
When Worf goes into the Runabout he orders the two security officers to check the aft compartments. Yet the scans showed that there were only four people on board, and they were all in the cockpit. Worf sure is paranoid... DS9 : Things Past
At one point, Quark claimed that he had a good holosuite program that Odo should read. You participate in holosuite programs, you don't read them. DS9 : The Ascent
Sisko claims that the stone pillar is eleven metres high - that's about thirty six feet. He then asks for a 75% reconstruction. Yet what he gets is not even close to being twenty seven feet. DS9 : Rapture
Kira said that Lupaza made her earring for her. But the earring a Bajoran wears are supposed to show what family you belong to. Shouldn't your parents make this kind of thing for you? DS9 : The Darkness and the Light
Quark offered to give Odo a refund in this episode. But the very first rule of acquisition states that "Once you have their money, you never give it back." DS9 : The Begotten
I can't see why the Maquis are considered such a threat. We learn that Starfleet intelligence has a spy within the terrorists in this episode. Ensign Ro also managed to penetrate their network, as did Tuvok, as did Seska, as did Boone. You begin to wonder if there are any actual Maquis in the Maquis, or is the whole thing just a massive group of intelligence operatives spying on one another? DS9 : For the Uniform
We discover that Bashir was replaced whilst still wearing an old-style uniform. So presumably the Bashir we have seen on the station has been a Founder since at least the uniform changeover. For one thing, this means he had ample opportunity to kill Sisko during "Rapture" and blame it on the brain damage he was suffering. For another, it means that he let another changeling die in "The Begotten", when linking with it might have saved it. I imagine both of these things would have made the other Founders pretty mad. DS9 : In Purgatory's Shadow
It sure was nice of the Dominion to leave a fully functioning Runabout, fuelled and ready to go, floating just outside their prison facility, wasn't it?

When Kira orders Dax to take the Defiant to warp to catch the Runabout, Dax is incredulous that they would do this inside the solar system. Need we list the many, many, MANY times that ships have gone to warp inside solar systems with no ill effect? For instance, there is the occasion on which Kirk's stolen Bird of Prey went to warp within Earth's atmosphere towards the end of Star Trek IV.

DS9 : By Inferno's Light
If genetic engineering is illegal in the Federation, why is there a Federation genetic engineering station trying to produce a superior breed of Human in the early TNG episode "Unnatural Selection"? DS9 : Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
Why doesn't DS9 have weapon detectors like Starships do? Odo always seems very keen on the whole no-weapons-allowed thing, you would think those alarms we saw in Star Trek VI would be quite useful. Yet somebody gets vapourised in this episode, and no alarm sounds. DS9 : A Simple Investigation
Quark claims he hasn't had a single Starfleet customer all week. Yet we saw O'Brien and Bashir playing darts a couple of scenes ago.

Quark is very resistant to the idea of selling weapons in this episode, and everybody treats him as a pariah for doing so. But back in The Maquis, he arranged an arms deal for Sakonna with no hesitation, no problems, and no fallout.

DS9 : Business as Usual
O'Brien has to go to Rom's quarters to borrow a tool. Assuming that this is the only tool of its type on the entire station, shouldn't it be kept in some sort of central tool store where people can go and check it out when they need it? DS9 : Ferengi Love Songs
Worf is a Starfleet officer. Dax is a Starfleet officer. Worf serves on a Bird of Prey. Dax serves on a Bird of Prey. Worf wears a Klingon uniform. Dax wears a Starfleet uniform? I really, really wanted to see Dax in one of those female Klingon uniforms... DS9 : Soldiers of the Empire
Not a nit, more an observation - tricorders sure have come a long way in the last three years. When Crusher wanted to confirm whether or not Jason was Picard's son in "Bloodlines", she had to do all sorts of complicated tests that took ages. In this episode Dax scans Miranda with a tricorder and can instantly confirm that she is an O'Brien. It's not even a medical tricorder, either. DS9 : Children of Time
How come all the exterior views of Empok Nor showed it tilted at an angle? There's no reason any ship in space would have the same orientation as any other, after all. So really, perhaps the better question is why isn't every other ship and station shown tilted at an angle! DS9 : Empok Nor
When Nog first mentions the anaerobic metabolites, he says there are two litres of the stuff. Later when they mention it to Bashir they say it is five litres.

DS9's "Body Parts" establishes a conversion rate of twenty strips to one bar of Latinum. Yet in this episode Quark takes a bid of one bar and twenty five strips, which is like saying one dollar and a hundred and twenty cents. And Dr. Geiger top that bid with a bid for two bars, which is actually less than one bar and twenty five strips!
DS9 : In the Cards
Near the end of the episode, we see the Defiant and Rotarran leaving the station. Where are the Runabouts? Shouldn't they be leaving as well? DS9 : Call to Arms
Okay, so Sisko wants to find a way to keep all the Jem'Hadar alive. Well, why not just stun them all in the battle instead of killing them? Leave the Ketracel White that his own ship was stocked up with so that they have a new supply when they wake up. Let Starfleet know where to go to pick them up once you are away. End of problem. DS9 : Rocks and Shoals
Not really a nitpick... but Alexander is eight years old in this episode. Yet he looks about eighteen. I guess Klingons just grow up quicker. DS9 : Sons and Daughters
When Worf finishes his comm chat with Sisko, a Federation symbol appears on the screen. Usually the symbol displayed is that of the caller, and since Worf is calling from a Klingon ship, it should be a Klingon symbol. DS9 : Behind the Lines
In this episode Quark assures Nog that he is going to break him out of prison. He does this in a perfectly normal voice, with two Jem'Hadar guards standing a couple of feet behind him. No wonder Odo catches him so often! DS9 : Favor the Bold
This is going to sound a little heartless... but why does the Klingon fleet help out the Federation forces? The point of the operation is to re-take Deep Space Nine. The whole war depends on that being achieved. With the Dominon forces taking on Starfleet, the Klingons have a free and easy run on the station, yet they choose not to attack it. DS9 : Sacrifice of Angels
Most of Martok's crew are transferred to the Yah'Vang. Yet in "Sons and Daughters" the Rotarran was described as being badly undermanned. Surely they should be getting new crewmembers, not losing even more!

In TNG's "Data's Day", Worf complains that "Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking". Well here we see his uber Klingon marriage ceremony... and it sure involves a lot of talking!

Given that Worf travels to attend the wedding of Deanna and Riker in Star Trek : Nemesis, you have to wonder why none of his friends from the Enterprise-E come to attend his wedding to Jadzia. I guess they're too busy fighting the war?

But on the same lines, why don't his parents come for the wedding? Too dangerous for civilians to travel?

DS9 : You are Cordially Invited...
I suspect that Sisko finds very little to actually do in that office of his. When O'Brien pages him to come to ops, the captain is out of his office within a couple of seconds. Almost like he was loitering just beyond the doors, just waiting for the call. DS9 : Resurrection
Exactly why is Lauren confined to a mental institute? She has never displayed any behaviour outside Human norms, let alone demonstrated any physical threat to herself or others. Okay she's very flirtatious, but so was Vash - it's hardly reason enough to be locked up! DS9 : Statistical Probabilities
I have to wonder why Empok Nor is still abandoned. The place has power and working life support, gravity, even lighting. Surely it could be moved to the wormhole and reactivated as a supplement to DS9? Even if you didn't give it all the extra weapons, doubling the amount of docking space available for ships would surely be useful? DS9 : The Magnificent Ferengi
Dukat says he can't fix Sisko's broken arm because he isn't familiar with the equipment. Er, isn't this standard Starfleet issue? Shouldn't Sisko be able to use it himself? Even assuming the gadget takes two hands, surely he could at least tell Dukat what to do? DS9 : Waltz
Quark bemoans the fact that the bricks of gold-pressed Latinum have had the latinum removed, leaving only the worthless gold behind. To emphasise the point he snaps one of the bricks. Okay, gold isn't the strongest metal in the world and these bricks were hollow. But Quark snaps a gold brick with his bare hands! How strong are Ferengi meant to be? DS9 : Who Mourns for Morn?
The visions of the Prophets have always been similar - a series of people you know appear, taking turns to spout sentances at you. They are yellow-tinged, and a slow heartbeat sounds in the background. So why are these visions suddenly completely different? DS9 : Far Beyond the Stars
If the Defiant is, as Sisko said, nothing more or less than a warship, then why does it keep getting scientific research missions? It was used for generating a wormhole in "Rejoined", and for investigating the anomaly in this episode. Surely a dedicated science vessel would be far better equipped?

When O'Brien has to leave the ship, Bashir quite correctly says he will have trouble breathing because his body can't absorb the very large (to him) Oxygen molecules. Great, excellent bit of clear scientific thinking by the writers! Of course... he could just put on an environmental suit from the Runabout, which would have an Oxygen supply with molecules that had shrunk just as much as he had.

Isn't the whole point of the locked Ketracel White box defeated if the Vorta just gives it to the Jem'Hadar, along with telling them how to open it?

DS9 : One Little Ship
I know it was necessary for the plot, but doesn't it seem a little unlikely that O'Brien could penetrate the ultra-secretive Orion Syndicate and get invited straight onto their most secret plan within a matter of a few days?

Bilby says his Starfleet contact was in charge of Risa's weather control system last year. Why is Starfleet in charge of a planet's weather control system? Shouldn't that be a civilian thing?

When Bilby fires the Klingon disruptor at Yint, the beam is a yellow phaser-style beam rather than a green disruptor-style beam. And we can't argue that the repairs altered the beam frequency, because the whole point of using them was to convince people that Klingons had been behind the assassination.

DS9 : Honor Among Thieves
In this episode they say that the Dominion will be sure to detect any tricorder scans they take on Cardassia. So after Jadzia is wounded, why does Worf tell her to scan herself once every half an hour? DS9 : Change of Heart
Kira sure has a lot of faith in Dukat. When he tells her not to bother trying to trace his transmission, she simply takes him at his word. Surely it's at least possible that O'Brien or Dax might be able to trace it? DS9 : Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
If I were Bashir, I'd really be paranoid about medical conferences. He was on the way to a medical conference when the Dominion kidnapped him. He was on the way to a medical conference when Sloan kidnapped him. He was on his way to a medical conference when the Romulans kidnapped him... DS9 : Inquisition
In this episode, Vreenak claims that Sisko is or has been a captian, Emissary, widower, father, and mentor. Who exactly has Sisko ever been a mentor to?

Personally, I find it a bit hard to understand what Sisko does that is so terrible in this episode. Okay he bribes Quark, but he has bent the law numerous times before for the Ferengi. He is an accessory to several killings, but he doesn't even know about them until after they happen! And he does get clearence from Starfleet for the operation - we've seen before that Starfleet is willing to authorise lethal force against others on intelligence missions. Picard and co. killed several Cardassians in "Chain of Command" during an invasion of Cardassian territory, for instance. Okay Sisko's actions may be a little less than spotless, but they hardly seem like the great moral burden around his neck that he makes out they are.

DS9 : In the Pale Moonlight
Vic uses an image of Kira for a holographic character in this episode. When Quark tried to get a holo-image of her for the same purpose, her reaction was little short of violent! She sure has mellowed. DS9 : His Way
We're told that the Bajorans are all upset at Sisko's "stealing" the ancient stone so that the writings can be translated. When Akorem briefly got the Emissary job in "Accession", he told the Bajorans that most of the population had to change their occupation - and they did so, with barely a mutter of protest, because everybody has to do what the Emissary says. Yet Sisko can't borrow a stone for a few weeks? DS9 : The Reckoning
So the Federation wants an alliance with the Ferengi... and they send Nog? Ensign Nog? Imagine if the USA wanted an alliance with somebody and they sent a junior officer barely out of training. It would be a huge diplomatic slap in the face. A senior diplomat should be making this kind of overture. DS9 : Valiant
Why on Earth did they make Quark a woman in this episode? I mean, okay, he needed somebody to pretend to be a Ferengi female. Why not Leeta? Why not Dax? Why not pay a Dabo girl to do it? Because the writers wanted Quark in drag, that's why. DS9 : Profit and Lace
Quark says that he can't give Molly much time in the holosuites because they are always so busy. Yet when Nog loses his leg, he gets to spend several straight days in there. Maybe Quark made special concessions for Nog because he is family, and was just pushing to get paying customers into the holosuite instead of Molly... but in doing so he is seriously crossing the man who is in charge of maintaining the equipment the bar depends on. Not good business sense. DS9 : Time's Orphan
I find it really hard to believe that over several days of chit-chat, nobody on either side once gave away the fact that there was a decades-long time differential between Lisa and the Defiant. Imagine spending hours talking to somebody from the 1950s without either of you realising what was happening! DS9 : The Sound of Her Voice
When the Defiant heads out to invade Cardassian space, why doesn't Bashir go with it? He has almost always accompanied the ship on major missions before, and will almost always do so again in the future. DS9 : Tears of the Prophets
So Sisko can just take an extended leave of absence and go peel potatoes because he's feeling down? In the middle of a war?

Remember back in TNG's "The Enemy", when Worf said he had no complaints and Picard replied that he would be the last person who would ever complain, even if he had a good reason? Well, Worf sure complains about having to guard a convoy in this episode. I guess hanging around Humans is finally rubbing off on him.

DS9 : Image in the Sand
Everybody claims that Kira's forces are vastly over-matched by the Romulans. Okay, so why not move the station to the moon using the same technology they used to move it to the wormhole in the first place? We're always being told it's a Bajoran station after all, and it's massively armed. Even if it couldn't make it to the moon in time to aid the blockade, she could have her fleet scatter and then threaten to use the station to destroy the base and the Romulan fleet once it did get there. DS9 : Shadows and Symbols
Why does Garak have to make costumes for people to wear in the holosuite programs? I can imagine a tailor being able to stay in business because he can come up with new clothing designs whilst a replicator can only make clothes to pre-existing patterns, but surely you can just replicate a historical costume?

When Garak has his panic attack, we see Ezri call for a medical team. However, she doesn't tell them where to go to find her! Now it's true that they could just ask the computer to locate her, but it seems like a bit of a time waster on her part.

DS9 : Afterimage
Sisko implies that the starship T'Kumbra is crewed entirely by Vulcans, much as the Intrepid was in TOS. Why is this? I thought Starfleet was integrated these days. Sure there could be ships that happen to have a mostly Vulcan crew, just as the Enterprise-D had a mostly Human crew. But having an all-Vulcan crew looks like discrimination.

Why does Nog show up when Sisko orders the senior staff assembled? Kim often does the same thing on Voyager; the Trek writers really need to learn the difference between a major character and a senior officer.

DS9 : Take Me Out to the Holosuite
The Federation is engaged in a war, everybody is terrified of changeling infiltrators, yet these misfits got out of their mental hospital and all the way to DS9 on board a Starship, just by telling anybody who questioned them that it was a stupid question? DS9 : Chrysalis
Those Dominion attack ships have really gone downhill. When we first saw them, three of them killed a Galaxy class Starship! Now even a Runabout is more than a match for them. Trek is always doing this - introduce some new uber-baddie to make us all go "oooooh!", only to then make them much weaker over time so that our heroes can actually defeat them. Voyager's treatment of the Borg is the classic case, but the Dominion fares little better.

They hide the Runabout in a "Kuiper belt". Kuiper belts are real things - a shell of lumps of ice in the outer part of a solar system. It's believed that many comets come from the Kuiper belt, when some disturbance there sends one arcing into the inner system. However, no Kuiper belt could ever be as dense as what we see here. There is literally an "iceberg" every few hundred metres. If such a shell surrounded a solar system, you'd never be able to see any of the stars at night! In reality, objects such as this would be at least hundreds of thousands of kilometres apart in a Kuiper belt.

Odo spends hours on the Runabout with Weyoun. If I were him, I would have had Weyoun dictating 'Important Facts of the Dominion War' into the Runabout computer for that entire time. That way even if Weyoun died, Odo would return with a priceless trove of Dominion war secrets. As it is, he asks one question about a new Ketracel White facility and otherwise just engage in chit-chat.
DS9 : Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Previously when Worf goes on the Rotarran, he wears a Klingon uniform. This time he keeps his Starfleet one. Guess he just couldn't be bothered to change. DS9 : Once More Unto the Breach
The military tactics used in this episode are pretty poor. The Jem'Hadar just charge at the defenders en masse. Remember that photon grenade launcher Kirk used in "Arena"? Imagine what just half a dozen of those little things would do to such an attack. Surely the Defiant could have replicated a few launchers and beamed them down?

For that matter, what about just firing a long burst of phaser fire and sweeping it from side to side, instead of all those fast shots they use? It would be far more devastating than present day machine gun fire. A single wide-angle beam would be even better. And don't claim that they would run out of power too quickly, because we see extra power clips being handed out before the battle but nobody is ever seen actually changing one.

DS9 : The Siege of AR-558
Why on Earth did Dukat kidnap Kira, and why on Earth did his followers go along with it? I mean, they're all preaching about how the pagh-wraiths are all peaceful and loving after all, but they kidnap people to explain this to them? And surely Dukat didn't really expect Kira to agree with him and become a pagh-wraith follower? I could understand it if he had some ulterior motive for taking her there and was using all the religious babble as a cover, but apparently not. DS9 : Covenant
How come Nog had to go to a Starbase for a new leg? Bashir gave Bareil an artificial brain not so long ago. He can manage a new brain but not a new leg?

And following on from "Time's Orphan", how come Molly could only get a few hours in the holodeck even though her removal caused serious mental trauma, but Nog can spend as long as he likes in there just because he's in a sulk?

Also, in this episode they claim that Bashir created the Secret Agent, Battle of Britain and Viking holoprograms. In fact, "Bar Association" shows that the Viking program was created by O'Brien rather than Bashir.

DS9 : It's Only a Paper Moon
Ezri complains that she has recieved an order of Gagh placed by Jadzia. She asks for it to be flushed into space. Okay, we know that the best Gagh is served live. So either Jadzia settled for inferior Gagh, or Ezri is about to condem those little critters to a very unpleasant death. Either way it seems a little problematic. DS9 : Prodigal Daughter
Think back to "Crossover", the first DS9 mirror universe story. When Kira and Bashir see the alliance ships heading for them, the Klingon vessels de-cloak as they approach. Kinda makes a mockery of this whole episode, doesn't it? DS9 : The Emperor's New Cloak
Is it me, or is the TR-116 vastly superior to any other personal weapon we've ever seen in Trek? With a phaser, you can shoot only what you can see. Phasers are susceptible to many kinds of jamming, despite the supposed advantages of "regenerative" phasers mentioned in the episode. But with a TR-116 you can shoot through walls, through rocks and even mountains if you want to - all without your enemy knowing where the bullets were coming from. If I were Starfleet, I would be building these things just as fast as I could!

Also, when Ezri comes into Ilario's room she asks how he was killed. Er, Ezri? There's a gaping hole in his chest, dear. What do you think killed him, old age?

Joran is imaginary, right? He's not really there, he's just in Ezri's mind - he says so himself. So when Chu'lak shoots at Ezri near the end and causes gas to vent from the back wall, how come it blows his hair around all over the place?

DS9 : Field of Fire
Exactly how can a liquid being simulate a gas, or a fire? It makes even less sense than the changing mass/size problem. And it's very disturbing for Starfleet, I would think. Think about how hard it would be to search for Changeling infiltrators on a planet when they could be any passing cloud. Watch the skies! DS9 : Chimera
When they decide that Sisko is going to be the high roller, he has to borrow money off Vic to play the part. Okay, let's assume that Sisko can't just say "computer, give me a wad of money" because of the whole jack in the box thing. Why can't he go outside the holosuite and just replicate a few bundles of cash? DS9 : Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
Take a good look at the "still" holograms of the Romulans. Some of them are blinking. DS9 : Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
The Founder orders the Vorta scientists killed and their clones started up so that they can get some fresh ideas. Er, won't this delay the research? After all, the new clones will have to go through the notes of their predecessors so they can get up to speed on what has been done already.

So in this episode, Ezri Dax sleeps with Worf. Since Worf was married to Jadzia Dax, Wouldn't that mean that Ezri has violated the Trill taboo against re-association, as seen in "Rejoined"? Yet no mention is ever made of this, even in an "I know it's against the rules but I don't care" kind of way.
DS9 : Penumbra
Why don't universal translators work on that language the Breen speak?

Worf comments that nobody has ever seen what is underneath a Breen helmet and lived to talk about it. So how come in "Indiscretion", Kira and Dukat were able to knock out two Breen guards and steal their uniforms to disguise themselves?

Kai Winn says in this episode that she has never had an Orb experience, but in "In the Hands of the Prophets", she said tells Sisko that the Prophets have spoken to her through the Orbs.

DS9 : 'Til Death Do Us Part
Y'know, all this "no crime in the 24th century" stuff has led to a terrible decline in the quality of their containment techniques. It seems that every time anybody is confined they manage to escape or get released almost instantly. There seem to be no controls on visitors, no cameras in the cells, no alarm systems, nothing that would make escape difficult or impossible. This episode is far from being the only example, but it's a pretty good one - Worf and Ezri escape not only from their cell, but then get away from the ship they are on and make their way all the way back to DS9. DS9 : Strange Bedfellows
Weyoun calls the Breen boss guy 'General' in this episode, even though it was established recently that his title is 'Thot'. DS9 : The Changing Face of Evil
Okay, so Kira is going to Cardassia to help the Cardassians form a rebel movement. She will stick out like a sore thumb with her Bajoran nose, and many Cardassians will hate her and not want to listen to her because she is Bajoran. Why didn't Bashir just make her look like a Cardassian?

Speaking of Bashir, he states that it is very difficult to keep a supply of synthetic organs on hand in a battlefield situation, and that "the holy grail of organ replacement is to be able to find a way to inject the patient with undifferentiated tissue, so that it can become whatever organ is needed." Yes, that's a real problem. If only there was something like a small pill one could give a person which would cause them to immediately grow a whole fully functional replacement organ, like a kidney say, in just a few minutes! You know, like the pill that Doctor McCoy gave to the old woman in the hospital in Star Trek IV. A technology that would be about a century old by Bashir's time!

DS9 : When it Rains...
Sisko sure has a strange attitude to killing. When Worf wanted to kill Kurn, Sisko was dead against it. When Sisko was involved in killing a Romulan senator, he did it but was all moody about it. Now Worf kills the head of the Klingon government, and apparently Sisko couldn't really give a damn. DS9 : Tacking into the Wind
So the information Bashir needs is locked up in Sloan's mind, and Bashir has to invent a new piece of equipment to get it out. Why doesn't he go get one of the many Vulcans serving on the station (according to "Field fo Fire") and get him or her to do a mind meld? Surely that would be a lot quicker, but he doesn't even try. DS9 : Extreme Measures
The dedication plaque of the Sao Paulo has a stardate of 52889.3 for her launch, yet the stardate of the episode we see her in is 52861.3. So the ship hasn't been launched yet! DS9 : The Dogs of War
The Founder promises the Breen that they can have Earth. Then she turns around and tells Weyoun she was lying to get their support. She talks in a perfectly normal tone of voice, and the Breen is standing just a few feet behind her with his pals. He should easily be able to hear her. DS9 : What You Leave Behind

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