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What's new - Jan 2022


7 Jan 2022

Ship Strength Calculator
The Ship Strength Calculator is now working again. Thanks to Gabriel Aparicio for pointing out it wasn't working.
OK, something a little new today. Now when you click on a menu in the top strip it will get a red-border around it to show that it is the current menu.

Equally, menu items on the left menu will also show a red-border when they are the page currently displayed in the main body of the document.

For example, If you click Reviews and then Season 1 of TOS both the Reviews button above and the Season 1 button on the left will have red-borders. Once you click on a page that isn't in the current menu (for example an episode) the border will no longer appear on the left. Also clicking the DITL Logo button (top left in blue) will remove the red-border from all top buttons.

You will likely have to force a reload to make this visible (command-load on Mac, control-reload on Windows). As always browsers are very shy about updating their stylesheets, even when they change.

Thanks to Ruben Barkow-Kuder for suggesting something similar.

1 Jan 2022

I am pleased to announce the largest single update to the site ever made in a single day. We now have reviews of Star Trek : Picard, Season 1. The update consists of:
  • 10 episode reviews
  • 10 updated and 51 new people pages, plus 102 new images
  • 6 new species, plus 10 new images
  • 10 new ships, plus 60 new images and 26 new internals
  • 1 new station entry, plus 6 new images
  • 3 new weapon entries, plus 25 new images
  • 1 battle page, plus 27 new images
  • 39 timeline entries
  • 27 architecture entries
  • 1 updated and 9 new food entries, plus 11 new images
  • 1 new illness, plus 1 new image
  • 1 new nebula entry, plus 2 new images
  • 1 updated and 8 new planet entries, plus 7 new images
  • 1 new recreation entry, plus 4 new images
  • 2 updated and 7 new scitech entries, plus 26 new images
And because it is xmas a partridge in a pear tree (well not really). That's a total of 540 new or updated items. On top of that there are the automatic pages such as Cast and Crew lists, Season page and Best and Worst pages, Episode Morals, Writer bios, Director bios, Actor bios etc that go with making the episode reviews.

I will likely add brief reviews for Star Trek : Lower Decks at some point without adding pages for the cast or other items. This would be in line with our TAS reviews.

Before anyone asks, no I will not be adding Discovery information. For one thing it wasn't very good. In universe, all of that information is classified and wouldn't be in our system anyway. Finally, the newer seasons are set in the future and so DITL would have no way of knowing the information anyway.
We asked "What is your favourite epsiode of Star Trek Picard, Season 1" and you voted for "Nepenthe" with a winning score of 18 out of 30 votes (60.0%). For our new poll we are asking "What did you think of "Kobayashi Maru", episode 1 of Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery?"
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "Bird of Prey" winner of last months caption competition.
You will likely have noticed by now that the Photo Galleries and Lists buttons have a new appearance. This is to reflect that the menu now contains both blue and orange entries in their lists. I've also fixed the appearance of the blue buttons on the mobile menu (previously they looked flat and the orange ones didn't)

As always if the buttons are blank or don't look right force a reload.
Additional items, such as Ships, Stations, Wepons, Species, People, Sci-tech have been extneded to show items that do not have images. The icon used for item without an image are now those used on the mobile menu.

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