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What's new - Jan 2015

25 Jan 2015

Section Update
Species people page Fixed an issue with the Species people page that caused it to show only the first page, without the page numbers at the top.

20 Jan 2015

Section Update
Quotes The quotes section of the Movies and Episode pages have been split off onto their own page in line with the recent people quotes addition.

18 Jan 2015

Section Update
Timeline The rest of the original series entries have been given a timeline entry, and I've also worked my way through 2364, adding entries for all the season one TNG episodes. More to come.
Quotes A new wrinkle on the personnel pages... we've added a link which lets you view each person's quotes, as drawn from the episode reviews. Just click the blue "Quotes" button in their page header. Enjoy!

17 Jan 2015

Section Update
Reviews Images on the site generally fall into one of two sizes - 850 pizels wide, and 310 pixels wide. Recently we've been going through and rescanning a lot of the 310 pixel images into 850 pixel format. Pretty much all of the movie images are now done, and we're slowly working our way through the episodes. With some 700 episodes to do, this is going to be a very long term project.
More Timeline Stuff We've never really intended to have a completely comprehensive timeline - most of the Star Trek episodes don't have timeline entries at all, just a representative handful. But whilst fiddling with the timeline entries recently we decided that it looked rather spare, so we've gone through fleshing things out. We've now gone through the whole of season 1 and 2 of the original series, adding a timeline entry for every episode. We've also added more thumbnails, to take advantage of the new layout. Check it out, it looks kind of nifty!

16 Jan 2015

Section Update
Timeline A tweak to the layout of the timeline, to better present images by putting them next to the events they are linked to. This affects the main timeline page and the Species, People, Episodes, Films, Books and Temporal timeline pages. Enjoy.

14 Jan 2015

Section Update
Top strip I've made a little adjustment to the top strip that tidies up the display on older, non-css3 compatible browsers. At least there isn't a gap there anymore. Modern browsers will still display correctly. If something doesn't look right just press reload to fix it.
Timeline We've added Next and Previous button to the individual timeline year pages. These take you to the next or previous available year for the given timeline block. For example the clicking one of the buttons while looking at an Endgame timeline page stays within the Endgame group.

10 Jan 2015

Section Update
Reviews New and additional pictures, taken from the BluRay release, have been added the following season 5 TNG episodes:

7 Jan 2015

Section Update
Reviews again New and additional pictures, taken from the BluRay release, have been added the following season 5 TNG episodes:
Reviews New and additional pictures, taken from the BluRay release, have been added the following season 5 TNG episodes:

3 Jan 2015

Section Update
Headers and button We've been tidying up the site layout recently so some of the buttons in the page headers have been reorganised (notably Species, episode, film and book reviews) to make the layout more consistent across the site. For example the Timeline button, were used, is now always at the bottom left of the panel.

We've also added sub titles to pages that are parts of a set. For example each Species page has a label, Notes, Images, Datapoints, Timeline and People. The same goes for all other multipage sections of the site.

1 Jan 2015

Section Update
Poll We asked "If you could Captain any ship, which would it be?" and you voted for "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E" with a winning score of 37 out of 112 votes (33.0%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to NASCARtographer winner of last months caption competition.

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