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What's new - Mar 2014


30 Mar 2014

Mobile devices
We've fixed an issue with the display of the new wider menu buttons on mobile devices using the standard version of the site. You should be able to see all the buttons now.
We've now added a timeline page to the book review pages. For example: Star Trek Chronology: The History of The Future

29 Mar 2014

Top menu
We've increased the size of the buttons at the top of the window, which has enabled us to put more explicit text on them.
Species menu
The species menu has also had the quadrant breaks removed, again making it easy to find a species without knowing what quadrant they are from. The quadrant is displayed on the top of the Species Notes page as before.
Personnel menus
Previously we had Personnel and Other people menus. These have been changed to Standard People and Alternate People. These represent people from the Standard or Alternate (Nero/ST-XI) timeline. The menus have also been changed to remove the series breaks and to reorder the entries into alphabetical order. This should make it much easier to find the person you are looking for. The Crew manifest pages have been moved to the bottom of the menu. The personnel page now shows the series that the person is associated with so this information is not lost.
Director Biography Pages
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Director Biography pages for working correctly.
Book Reviews
We've split the datapoints from our book review page to a page of their own. Once again the next and previous button keep you on the type of page while navigating.

28 Mar 2014

Episode and Film pages
We have released a revised set of pages for episodes and films today. Previously we have had a single page for each with everything in a large table. Now we have split this into four pages:

Review - The bulk of the existing information. The plotline and Analysis sections are now located below the table to give them more room.
Images - The images taken from the episode, laid out using our standard image format, including autoscroll.
Datapoints - The datapoints provided by the episode on it's own page.
Timeline - The timeline entries for this episode show for the first time on the episode page.

The different pages are accessed using header buttons in the standard way. The Next and Previous buttons are retained and gain an added advantage of moving through the episodes while maintaining the currently selected page.

27 Mar 2014

What's new pages
Fixed an issue that was preventing the what's new pages from working correctly.
Sci-tech images
Fixed an issue with the Sci-tech images page that prevented it from looping back from the first image to the last when you clicked the previous button.
Just uploaded a new article taking a look at Holodecks and their implementation in Star Trek.

26 Mar 2014

We now have 311,526 posts on our forum. New members are very welcome to join. You can just fill in a simple form and wait to be authorised. Authorisation typically takes a few weeks and then your on. You can still read posts while you wait.

23 Mar 2014

Our reviews menu has an option to display a cast list for the whole of the series; whilst these lists were previously in order of the number of episodes each character had been in, they are now sortable lists that you can arrange by alphabetical actor name, character name, or episode appearances. Can can be ascending or descending order; simply click the title at the top of the column to sort!

19 Mar 2014

Station size charts
Fixed an issue that could cause the stations size comp page to not link to their station pages.

17 Mar 2014

Size Charts
We've fixed an issue that would cause the size comparison system to not link stations correctly. Also fixes the display of station titles.

14 Mar 2014

DVD page
We've added Next and Previous buttons to the DVD page so you can now step through the various DVDs for a given series. You can load these pages simply by clicking on a DVD number on any of the episode review pages, series lists etc.

13 Mar 2014

Fixed a few issues that would prevent the search from finding people.
Image search
Article images have been added to the image search (click on search above and select image in the chooser). We've also labelled the images found with the source of the image (Ships, People etc).

12 Mar 2014

Image Quiz
Fixed an issue that would cause the image quiz to fail from time to time.

11 Mar 2014

Episode Morals
We've fixed an issue that was preventing the images from showing on the episode moral pages.

9 Mar 2014

Additional species
Slight change to the Additional Species picker page; it now also includes those species that we have a name but no image for because they are only mentioned in dialogue. You can choose to display only species with images, only those without, or both. And of course you can also filter the list for species name by initial letter and their quadrant of origin, as always.

4 Mar 2014

Site outage
Apologies for the site being unavailable for the last few hours. I changed the password for the database and forgot to update a few places. This lead to the main page thinking that everyone was the first site visitor ever and the forum being unavailable. Anyhow we're back. Please let me know if anything else isn't working. Thanks ian

2 Mar 2014

12 Million Visitors
Congratulations to Patrick Ries who was our 12 millionth visitor.

1 Mar 2014

We asked "Into Darkness gave us a somewhat revised look for the Klingons. What did you think?" and you voted for "Hmm, it's pretty good I guess." with a winning score of 39 out of 144 votes (27.1%).
Caption Comp
Congratulations to Bird of Prey winner of last months caption competition.

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