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What's new - Apr 2013

24 Apr 2013

Section Update
Mobile Site Fixed an issue that would prevent the mobile site from displaying a size comparison chart.

22 Apr 2013

Section Update
Episode Reviews New and additional pictures, taken from the new BluRay release, have been added the following Enterprise episodes:

7 Apr 2013

Section Update
Size comp We've made some massive changes to the size comp system lately no less than 304 new or improved images over the last week.

4 Apr 2013

Section Update
Sudden Death Fixed an issue with Sudden Death where it would sometimes show a question without any answers or picture.

2 Apr 2013

Section Update
Ships pages We've adjusted the way we display ships with multiple variations. You now don't have to scroll down the page to see the variants, instead you can access them with buttons on the top of the page. For example the Constitution Class.

1 Apr 2013

Section Update
Poll We asked "So rumour has it that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus in the next Trek film, potentially leading to a serious romance for Kirk. What are your thoughts?" and you voted for "I don't care." with a winning score of 76 out of 180 votes (42.2%).
Other ships We have now divided the additional ships up into their respective races. An 'Additional' button has been added to the ships menus at the end of any species that has additional ships.
Mobile Site Fixed an issue where the 'Menu' button on the mobile site would sometimes lead to a blank page.
Forum Forum registration is now open again. Please apply via the register link near the top right of the form page.
Datapoints On a species page, the Datapoints section now contains a list of all the ships and stations associated with that species. This applies to both major and minor species entries.
Caption Comp Congratulations to Frankie Chestnuts winner of last months caption competition.

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