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What's new - Mar 2013


31 Mar 2013

We've added pagination to most of the pages in the list section. This should mean that the pages load more quickly and allow things to be found more easily.

27 Mar 2013

Episode Morals
We've changed the layout of the Episode Morals page to look more like a traditional 'Motivational Poster'.

23 Mar 2013

Size Comp
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the user selectable size comp page to fail to show the ships correctly when a new menu was selected.
You can now find items with 'DITL #' names, for example 'DITL Species #1000', using the search facility.

20 Mar 2013

Mobile Site
We've changed the button layout on the mobile site to make it easier to use.

18 Mar 2013

10 million visitors
Congratulations to Ivica Badinec who is our 10 millionth visitor. Rather surprisingly Ivica was our 7, 8 and 9 millionth visitor! Welcome back.

10 Mar 2013

Species pages
The species and other species pages have been combined into a single page format, with Notes, Images, Timeline, Datapoints and People links as required.
Personnel pages
The personnel and other personnel pages have been combined into a single page format, with Notes, Images and Timeline links as required.
Image Pages and Gallery Pages
We've tweaked the image and gallery style pages once more. This time we've changed the click-able images into buttons to show that they can be clicked. The colour of the button, as always, indicates the point of view of the page you get to. For example buttons that take you to pages written with an in-universe point of view are orange and those from an out of universe point of view blue.

1 Mar 2013

We asked "So the first teaser trailers for Star Trek : Into Darkness are out. What do you think?" and you voted for "Looks pretty good." with a winning score of 60 out of 172 votes (34.9%).
Caption Comp
Congratulations to laclone winner of last months caption competition.

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