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What's new - Feb 2013

28 Feb 2013

Section Update
Images Pages The new system for image pages now works on iPhone. It also has a new more phone friendly layout when using the Mobile site.

27 Feb 2013

Section Update
Images Pages Slight tweak to the new layout - we've added buttons to the thumbnails on the image pages, so now you can step through the images forward or backwards, jump to the end or beginning, or play them as a sideshow. Enjoy.

24 Feb 2013

Section Update
Images Pages A significant change to the way the site works today. Previously, image pages have been broken down into sub-pages with ten images on each page. This was a bit of a pain if you were looking for a particular image, as some pages had up to 7 or more sub-pages full of images that you had to scroll through one at a time. We've instituted a new page design today in which an image page shows a single image, along with thumbnails of all the images associated with that page. Simply scroll through the thumbnails clicking on whichever one you want to see full size. Quicker, easier, and more convenient. Hope you like it!

20 Feb 2013

Section Update
Review pages The new grid layout, initially premièred, on the galleries pages has now been applied to the film and episode pages.
More grid layouts The remaining grid layouts have been switched to the new format. That includes additional ships and station, other personnel, other species, additional sci-tech, ship internals, station internals, additional weapons.

16 Feb 2013

Section Update
Calculators Stardate calculator is now working again.

15 Feb 2013

Section Update
Galleries We've reorganised our galleries pages to show the thumbnails in a flexible number of columns, rather than the old fixed four. On larger monitors will will show more columns and small ones less, thus making better use of the screen space you have.

1 Feb 2013

Section Update
Poll We asked "Which Trek movie has the worst score?" and you voted for "Star Trek V : The Final Frontier" with a winning score of 38 out of 115 votes (33.0%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to mwhittington winner of last months caption competition.

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