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What's new - Dec 2012

29 Dec 2012

Section Update
Reviews We've added new and improved images to the site from the BluRay releases of "The Child", "Where Silence Has Lease", "Elementary, Dear Data", "The Outrageous Okona", "Loud as a Whisper", "The Schizoid Man", "Unnatural Selection", "A Matter of Honor", "The Measure of a Man", "The Dauphin", "Contagion", and "The Royale".

8 Dec 2012

Section Update
Calculators Fixed a minor issue with the Ship Strength calculator that prevented it from filling the ships list on initial load of the form. Thanks to Yannick Caron for pointing this out.

1 Dec 2012

Section Update
Poll We asked "How closely should the future Trek films follow what has gone before?" and you voted for "Borrow elements such as characters, species and places, but use them in wholly new stories" with a winning score of 117 out of 166 votes (70.5%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to Jack winner of last months caption competition.

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