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What's new - Dec 2009

29 Dec 2009

Section Update
Poll So the Galaxy Yacht was your least favourite Federation Shuttle / Smaller ship design. This week we ask about your favourite Federation stations design.
Caption Comp Congratulations to Guybrush winner of last weeks caption competition.

20 Dec 2009

Section Update
Poll The Galaxy Yacht was the deserving winner of the worst Federation small ship/shuttle design. This week we look at space stations.
Caption Comp Congratulations to Cyrus Ramsay winner of last weeks caption competition.

13 Dec 2009

Section Update
Poll The Yeager was the unsurprising winner of last week's "worst Federation ship" poll. This week, it's on to shuttles and smaller ships.
Caption Comp Congratulations to Guybrush winner of last weeks caption competition.

6 Dec 2009

Section Update
Poll Well it looks like you hate the Ocampa. They won, or rather lost, last weeks poll by getting more then double the second place entry. This week we ask "What's your least favourite Federation Starship design?".
Caption Comp Congratulations to The Geek winner of last weeks caption competition.

5 Dec 2009

Section Update
xmas decorations As you can see the xmas decorations are up. This year we have new improved snow, and the second santa has been replaced with a nice new snow man. We have some new music. If you wish to stop the music from simply change the menu on the left of the screen and it will stop (for example by clicking the Fed Ships button). There may be more surprises as time goes by.
Alternate mobile site We've now put together a version of the website designed for use on mobile devices. It's a non-framed layout to make best use of the smaller screen size. Which ever site you choose to use it will be remembered for next time. Simply accessing will return you to the version you last used.

You can switch to the mobile site by clicking the blue 'Mobile' button in the top button strip. You can switch back to the standard frames version by clicking the 'Standard website' link at the bottom of the mobile site main menu.

As always if you have any problems please let us know using the mail author button.

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