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What's new - Jun 2009

28 Jun 2009

Section Update
Poll Zoe Saldana trails the pack with a 69% positive vote in last week's poll. This week, on to Simon Pegg as Scotty!
Personnel Added a few character profiles for folks from Star Trek XI.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wacky, winner of last week's competition - his or her 4th win! This week, a shot from Voayger's "Meld".

21 Jun 2009

Section Update
Poll John Cho scored a 91.5% positive rating for his performance as Sulu. Great score, but not quite up to the previous actors. This week, Uhura's turn.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Frankie Chestnuts, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "Prophet Motive".

14 Jun 2009

Section Update
Temporal Ships The new Enterprise has been added to the Temporal Ships list. The entry still needs work, but it's finally there for your viewing pleasure!
Poll Karl Urban storms into the lead with an incredible 98.7% positive approval rating for his performance as McCoy. Can John Cho beat that?
Caption Competition Congratulations to BC1, winner of last week's competition. This week, back to our usual cycle with a picture from TNG's "Time's Arrow, Part 2".
Articles Some new info has been added to the Star Trek XI issues article regarding the size of the new Enterprise.

8 Jun 2009

Section Update
Ships None other than the Kelvin class has been added to the Federation Ships list! Lots of rampant speculation with regards to specifications, a purely canon set of notes, and some lovely images on this page! Enterprise soon to follow...

7 Jun 2009

Section Update
Poll Zachary Quinto scored a 96.5% positive rating on last week's poll, actually beating out Pine's 92% approval. Will Karl Urban's McCoy do even better? It's up to you!
Caption Competition Congratulations to The Geek, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from... you guessed it! StarTrek XI!

(Back to normal next week, promise.)

1 Jun 2009

Section Update
Species Fixed an issue on the species pages where it would sometimes fail to show the People and Datapoints buttons.

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