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What's new - May 2009

31 May 2009

Section Update
Poll An amazing 92% positive review of Chris Pine's performance as James T. Kirk in last week's poll. This week, Spock's turn.
Personnel A write up of Amanda Grayson and Gaila has been added to Star Trek XI.
Caption Competition Congratulations to epclarkson on winning last week's competition - his 4th win! This week, a shot from... oh... shall we have..... Star Trek XI!!!!!

29 May 2009

Section Update
Articles The Star Trek XI article has a new section, showing some of the other Starfleet ships we saw in the movie. Some interesting designs, here!

28 May 2009

Section Update
Personnel Chekov and Scotty have been given new bios based on Star Trek Xi.
Articles I've added a new section to the Trek XI article, starting a discussion of how large the new Enterprise is. This is very much a work in progress, and will develop over the next few days.

27 May 2009

Section Update
Personnel We've now added Captain Christopher Pike to the STXI personnel list.
Articles A new article has been posted, "Trek XI" issues. For a starter, it discusses how fast the new Enterprise is compared to the old one! There are some formatting issues which I will deal with over the coming days, but it's perfectly readable if a bit "first draft". Enjoy.

25 May 2009

Section Update
Temporal Added some new images to the Tomorrow is Yesterday page. The new sequence is from the reworked TOS and has lovely new pics of the slingshot maneuver.
RSS Feed Fixed the RSS feed to not truncate HTML entities. Thanks to Primefalcon for pointing this issue out on the forum.
Regulations Add the three regulations mentioned in ST-XI to our regulations list.
Personnel Added new Uhura and Sulu pages to the personnel list.

24 May 2009

Section Update
Reviews I've added my opinion piece to the Star Trek XI review, along with a few bits and pieces to the rest of it.
Poll So after two weeks of voting, your response to Star Trek was an amazing 78/5% good or better, with only 7.3% poor or worse. Big score for the new movie!

This week we're going to start a run looking at how well the main actors pulled off their reprise of TOS characters. Starting, of course, with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.

Personnel The alternate versions of Kirk, McCoy and Spock From Star Trek XI have been added to the personnel section.
Menus We've split the temporal ships off of the Temporal menu and onto their own button, as some people were having trouble finding them. Also we've rearranged the buttons slightly as a consequence of this.

Now another modification to the menus system. This time we've changed all menus to use double height buttons when in text mode. This better provides more space for the larger, more informative, button labels used in this mode. If you are still using the slower graphics mode you will not notice a difference.

To use text mode simply download the font from the home page and install it on your system. It will make the site work much faster.
Lists Added McCoy's "I'm a Doctor, not a physicist!" line from Star Trek XI to the list.
Caption Competition COngratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from... oh, go on then... Star Trek XI!

17 May 2009

Section Update
Poll We're also holding the "How did you like the movie" poll over for a second week to get a bigger response to judge from. Trek XI crazy, I tell ya!
Caption Competition Congratulations to epclarkson, winner of last week's competition. This week, another shot from Star Trek XI! Yes, we are going Trek XI craaaaaazy!

15 May 2009

Section Update
Reviews A few quotes have been added to the Star Trek page. And remember, you can go there and add your own review and rating!
Architecture The first pics from Star Trek have arrived! Just a couple for now, pictures of hte alternate versions of San Francisco and the Vulcan city.

10 May 2009

Section Update
Timeline A new alternate timeline has been added covering the basic events in Star Trek XI. The destruction of Romulus has also been added to the standard timeline.
Reviews The bare bones of a review of Star Trek XI has been added. Many fields are still blank; they will be filled in the coming days. For now, though, you can go add your own review to the page if you wish.
Poll Okay, another positive response to the TV spot. Enough of that stuff... for a long time to come we're going to be picking apart your reaction to Star Trek's relaunch. We'll look at how you liked the characters, the ships, the story, you name it. But to begin, what did you think of the actual movie?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Captain 8472, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Star Trek XI.

3 May 2009

Section Update
Poll Another positive response to last week's movie ad. Fed up with these yet? It's been a long run I know, but this is the last one given that the movie opens soon!
Caption Competition Congratulations go to Scion Ninja, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Voyager's "Scientific Method".

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