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What's new - Jan 2009

25 Jan 2009

Section Update
Poll Well in a hard fought battle, First Contact won the best opening to a Trek movie, narrowly beating out The Undiscovered Country and The Wrath of Khan. This week we turn it around and ask about the worst movie opening.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Sulu, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from Enterprises "Rogue Planet".

20 Jan 2009

Section Update
Shops We've fixed an issue with the look of the shops that was stopping you reading the text on the purchase screens. Thanks to 'shran' for pointing this out on the forum.

18 Jan 2009

Section Update
Poll So Enterprise won the worst trek opening by a comfy margin. This week we're asking which Trek movie had the best opening sequence.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bryan Moore, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Voyager's "Latent Image".
Caption Comp Fixed an issue with the caption comp previous pages, were anything other than page 1 would not work. Thanks to 'USS Aeon' on the forum for pointing this out.

17 Jan 2009

Section Update
DITL Shops A new design is now available in the DITL shops. This is a black t-shirt with a simple DITL logo on the breast.

14 Jan 2009

Section Update
A Sad Passing Way back in 2004, we ran one of our weekly polls with the question "Who is the best individual bad guy (or girl) to have appeared in Trek?" By a narrow majority, the winner was Khan Noonien Singh - a bad guy who last appeared some twenty years earlier than the second place entry, and had a fraction of the screentime to boot.

Such was the power of Ricardo Montalbán's performance in the role. He played Khan as no shallow villain of the week, no mindless evil bent on destruction for its own sake. In Montalbán's hands, Khan was a powerful, intelligent, intense, charismatic figure. You could really believe that this was a guy that just might beat Captain Kirk.

And so it is with sadness that we note the passing of this great figure today, at the ripe old age of 88.

I saw an interview once where Ricardo stated that there were five phases to any actor's career. As he put it stage one was "Who is Ricardo Montalbán?" Stage two was "Get me Ricardo Montalbán!" For stage three it became "Get me somebody like Ricardo Montalbán!" At stage four it turned into "Get me a young Ricardo Montalbán." And finally, it became "Who is Ricardo Montalbán?"

Well Ricardo, you were wrong. You made it to stage four, at most, but nobody ever forgot you. You were just too damn good for that.

11 Jan 2009

Section Update
Poll The Next Generation won the best Trek series title sequence. This week we're going for the converse - the worse title sequence.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bodhi, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from DS9's "Past Prologue".
Caption Comp Altered the 'Last week' and 'Previous' caption comp pages so you can get to peoples 'Honour Role' pages by clicking on their names.

4 Jan 2009

Section Update
Poll Well the movie refit of the Enterprise was your favourite, but in a shock upset the Star Trek XI version beat out the original series design! Shocked and amazed, I am. This week we're looking at which title sequence you like best.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Mikey, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG "Lessons".

2 Jan 2009

Section Update
Ships Fixed a bunch of ship nits. Thanks go to stitch626, Mark, Reliant121, and me,myself and I. (Not literally me... that's the guy's name.)

1 Jan 2009

Section Update
Happy new year To all out visitors

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