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What's new - Dec 2008

31 Dec 2008

Section Update
Reviews Fixed a typo in the episode Amok Time, thank to "me,myself and I".

28 Dec 2008

Section Update
Poll In a close run thing, 52 to 48 of our viewers would like to see a remade TOS series. Have to say, seeing the remastered versions certainly whetted my appetite for more of that kind of thing. This week we're asking you which version of the E-nil you like the best...
Nitfixing Thanks to kostmayer, twitch2oh, and Tsukiyumi for pointing out a bunch of nits in the episode pages. All now fixed.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Tsukiyumi, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from the TOS episode "What are Little Girls Made Of".

25 Dec 2008

Section Update
xmas Merry xmas to all our visitors.

24 Dec 2008

Section Update
6 millionth visitor Well today is a new milestone for the DITL, we have just had our six millionth visitor to the site since records began in 1998. Congratulations go to James Bateman, who managed to arrive on the site just in time to be number 6,000,000!

21 Dec 2008

Section Update
Poll Well I was quite surprised to find that you don't like the idea that the new movie's differences from TOS were due to it being in an alternate timeline. I thought that was a good idea myself.

This week we're asking whether, assuming the new movie is a success, you would like to see a new TOS series along the lines of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.

Caption Competition Congratulations to DBB, winner of last week's competition. This week, a snap from ENT "The Catwalk".

18 Dec 2008

Section Update
Majel Barrett Although not a news site in any way, now and again this site has taken a moment to mark the passing of one or another of those connected with Star Trek. Today, Thursday 18th December, Majel Barrett died.

Majel is a lady who is intimately connected with Star Trek. She was there right at the beginning, playing Number One in the very first episode ever filmed. Indeed she was in the very first scene of that episode. Of all the countless hours of Star Trek that exist, the seventh line ever spoken was one of hers.

Her involvement doesn't even come close to ending there, of course. Although her character of Number One was dropped, she returned as Nurse Chapel during TOS. She went on to provide voices for the animated series before returning to play Lwaxana Troi on TNG, along with providing the voice for the computer on the Enterprise-D. Lwaxana returned in Deep Space Nine several times, and Majel provided the computer's voice for Voyager as well. She was the First Lady of Star Trek, both literally and in terms of the sheer duration of her tenure.

With Enterprise it looked like there may be no place for Majel, but she did manage to make an appearance, as the Defiant's computer voice in the mirror universe episodes, and as the Enterprise-D's computer in the final episode, an amazing forty one years later. She thus became the only person to appear in all six Star Trek series plus the TOS and TNG movie franchises.

And then, just recently, it was announced that she would be providing the voice for the Enterprise computer in the upcoming Star Trek XI movie. It was a wonderful decision. I can only hope that she recorded her part before the end. If so, then her involvement in Trek will be extended to forty five years.

Her involvement in science fiction wasn't limited to Star Trek, of course. Majel has appeared in Babylon 5, was a co-producer on Andromeda, appeared in Earth : Final Conflict, The Questor Tapes, Westworld, and more.

Another part of her legacy in this world of Trek, of course, comes from her relationship with Gene Roddenberry. She was his wife for twenty two years, and in many ways carried on his legacy after his death. Majel helped to create Andromeda and Earth : Final Conflict based on ideas Gene created.

She died from complications stemming from leukemia at the age of 76. She will be missed. And I for one think it would be fitting to dedicate Trek XI to her memory.

14 Dec 2008

Section Update
Poll Well people generally approve of the new Enterprise design, though hardly an overwhelmingly positive response with slightly less than 50% voting for "it's okay" or worse. This week we probe your reaction to the news that the movie will, for the most part, take part in an alternate timeline.
Caption Competition Congratulations to drow, winner of last week's competition - his fifth win!This week, a shot from Voyager's "Random Thoughts".

7 Dec 2008

Section Update
xmas Well, as you can see, our initial decorations are up.
Poll Well, reaction to the new ST XI trailer was overwhelmingly positive. Now we ask what you think of the new look ship herself.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Sondak, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from DS9's "Dramatis Personae".

6 Dec 2008

Section Update
Reviews The TNG "Remember Me" review has been expanded.

4 Dec 2008

Section Update
Reviews The episode reviews of "The Measure of a Man" and "The Dauphin" have been expanded.

1 Dec 2008

Section Update
Poll This week we ask what you think of the new ST XI trailer. In case you haven't seen it, have a peek here :
Caption Competition Sorry for the slight delay in the Cap Comp, it's now done and congratualtions to The Geek, last week's winner. This week a shot from TNGs "Schisms".

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