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What's new - Oct 2008

26 Oct 2008

Section Update
Poll So the Soliton Wave Drive won you least cool Trek Tech vote. Interesting since it's a variation on warp drive, which won you most cool tech item!

This week we take a look at the pictures which have been released of the new Trek movie and ask if they make your confidence level in the movie higher or lower.

Caption Competition Congratualtions to Kostmayer, winner of last week's competition - his (her?) first ever win! This week, a shot from TNG's "The Measure of a Man".

19 Oct 2008

Section Update
Poll Warp drive won as the coolest piece of Star Trek technology. Not sure I agree with that... sure it would probably be the most revolutionary, but coolest? This week we turn it around and ask what's the least cool piece of Trek tech.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Rylan Sato, winner of last week's competition - a new winner! This week, a picture from TOS's "Court Martial".

12 Oct 2008

Section Update
Poll You voted the loss of the USS Tsiolkovsky as the weakest ship death. This week, we ask what the coolest piece of Trek technology is.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Mr. President, winner of last week's competition. This week a shot from Enterprise's "Dawn".

And once again. The Caption Competition is for funny captions. It's not for you to discuss the caption competition. If you want to do that you should come join our forum.

5 Oct 2008

Section Update
Poll Best ship death ever was the Enterprise in Star Trek III. But what was the worst?
Caption Competition Congratulations to jg, winner of last week's caption competition - his fifth win, taking him to 7th place on the honour roll. This week, a shot from Voyager's "The Gift".

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