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What's new - Jul 2008

27 Jul 2008

Section Update
Poll Janeway's great moment was ramming hte Krenim timeship. That was pretty kick ass! This week it's Archer's turn. Lots of moments from In a Mirror, Darkly, in this one!

Next week we start on some of the recurring characters, beginning with Q. Remember, if you want your suggestion for his greatest moment to be in the poll you'll need to go check out our forum. If you get in quick you might even be our 300th member!

Caption Competition Congratulations Mr. President, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise "Impulse".

21 Jul 2008

Section Update
Shops We've added three new items to each shop. In the USA shop we've added three designs for men's ties. In the UK shop we've added a Santa hat, a Scarf and a Umbrella. Unfortunately we cannot make all products available in both locations due to limitations with our supplier.

20 Jul 2008

Section Update
Poll By a large majority you thought Sisko's greatest moment was when he sacrified his integrity to get the Romulans into the Dominion war. Interesting choice, to be sure! This week we move on to Captain Janeway!

Remember, all Janeway's greatest moments are as suggested by our Forum members. Come see us and join up if you want to get your pick for Archer's greatest moment into next week's poll! Our forum is a fun place, very welcoming, so we hope to see you there.

Caption Comp Congratulations to "Jackie" winner of this weeks caption comp. This week a picture from Voyager: "Macrocosm"

16 Jul 2008

Section Update
Caption Comp Honour Role We've fixed a minor issue with the caption comp honour role for people with "odd" names. For example containing ' and &. Thanks for "Pinky & the Brain" for pointing this out.

ps. Pinky please use the email button in the future, or you can join the forum, we don't bite, much.

13 Jul 2008

Section Update
Poll Picard's greatest moment was his "They invade our space and we fall back..." speech from First Contact. This week, Sisko is up!

Remember that if you want to suggest a moment for next week's Janeway poll, you need to come join up with our forum. It's a friendly and lively place where we talk about all manner of things, Trek and non-Trek alike. The geeky guys have even had a lady or two join us of late!

Caption Competition Congratulations to mwhittington, winner of last week's caption competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "The Magnificent Ferengi". Enjoy...

8 Jul 2008

Section Update
Shops We've now added a new item to both the US and UK/EU shops, namely a black baseball cap with a DITL logo. This is a slightly simplified version of the logo on the main page (the stars on the logo are round in this version), but it does have the DITL lettering seen on the home page.

These and other DITL products are available to buy via the Shop button on the top menu, or by clicking the USA or UK/Europe shop links on the home page. Enjoy.

6 Jul 2008

Section Update
Poll Kirk's greatest moment was an unsurprising "Khhhhhaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!"

This week we ask about Picard. As usual all the choices for his greatest moment were suggested by our forum members. If you want to get your suggestions for next week's Sisko poll on the site, come join the forum and join in!

Caption Competition Congratulations to Tiberius, winner of last week's competition. This week, the wonder that is TNG's "Shades of Grey".

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