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What's new - Dec 2007

31 Dec 2007

Section Update
Other books We've altered the other book review system so you can see a list of books for a given year (click the links on the pages to select the year).

30 Dec 2007

Section Update
Search Fixed an alignment issue in the search selector in Opera and IE.
Poll pages We've now split the previous polls up into pages as we did with the caption competitions.
Poll The best TNG writer was Ronald D. Moore... definitely a good choice there. This week we move on to DS9.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Q, who won last week's competition. Seems unfair him entering, given he's omnipotent and all, but there you go. This week a shot from TOS "The Galileo Seven".
Caption Comp rework We've increased the size of the image on the caption competition and reworked the previous winners / honour role pages to split them into groups of 20 per page.

28 Dec 2007

Section Update
Forum I've changed the stying system that works the forum. You should see no difference in how it appears, however, if it looks strange then a forced re-load should solve the problem. The change will allow the system to work slightly faster and also save on bandwidth.

23 Dec 2007

Section Update
Poll OK, so you think that D.C. Fontana is the best TOS writer. This week it's TNGs turn.
Games I've added 'Star Trek: Conquest' to the games list. twitch2oh requested it be added a long time ago on the forum. If you find a missing game, or book, please use the 'Mail Author' link below. You'll get a much faster response.
DITL beta test As a little early xmas present we would like you to see and test a new version of the DITL. This is our first major change in layout since the late 90's. It takes into account some of the requests that have appeared on this forum. It doesn't do away with the frames, as this still seems the best way of providing the information we have. Anyway on to the meat of the issue, the url:

If it's liked it will become the standard layout for the site. I'm attaching a poll to this message so you can tell us what you think, but I urge you to give it a few days or weeks before you vote as any new change needs time to get used to.

Caption comp Congratulations to Kalor, winner of last weeks caption competition. This week a picture from Enterprise's "Breaking the Ice".
Books We've added about a dozen or so books to our book review section.

17 Dec 2007

Section Update
XMas We've added our Type 9 Shuttle santa to our decorations. We forgot we had it. Thanks to Brad for reminding us.

16 Dec 2007

Section Update
Poll Big surprise, Wil Wheaton won worst actor in all of Trek history. Still not at all sure he deserves that, but the majority hath spoken. This week we start a new run on the writers...
Caption Competition Congratulations to =NoPoet=, winner of last week's caption competition; a second win! This week a pic from Voyager's "Parallax".

11 Dec 2007

Section Update
XMas Well as you can see our xmas decorations are up. I've also just uploaded a fix to the snow to stop the flickering that was occurring on Safari.

9 Dec 2007

Section Update
Poll Anthony Montgomery won last week's poll for the worst Enterprise actor. Can't say I disagree with that. This week the poll of polls...

Want to suggest a poll, or even an entire run? Come join us in the DITL forum and you can post your ideas, comments, criticisms, or whatever. Just click the forum button below...

Caption Competition Congratulations to MetalHead, winner of last week's competition; this week, a pic from DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin".

2 Dec 2007

Section Update
Poll Jennifer Lien stormed home as the worst Voyager actor last week. This week a veritable cornucopia of choice as we do Enterprise!!!!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Tiberius, winner of last week's competition. This week, we have a pic from TNG "Haven".

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