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service history

What's new - Sep 2007

30 Sep 2007

Section Update
Poll Leonard Nimoy won best TOS actor by a mile, so this week it's TNG's turn...
Forum Fixed an issue that may have stopped you registering for the forum.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bodhi, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "The Sword of Kahless".

24 Sep 2007

Section Update
Calculators The stardate calculator is now working again, thank to Declan for pointing out that it was broken.

23 Sep 2007

Section Update
Reviews I've started expanding some more episode reviews. Today TNG's "A Matter of Honor".
Poll So Sisko would be your Starfleet ghostbuster of choice. We're ending this series of polls now and bringing out a new run... looking for the best Trek actor! We start with TOS as usual.
Permalinks We've added a link, labeled as 'link to this page', to the bottom of just about every page on the site. If you click on this link it will take you to that page in a way that you can bookmark, or more simply you can right click the link and select 'Bookmark this link' from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can right click on the link and select 'Copy link location' so you can post the link in a forum or other place. If you notice a link that doesn't work correct please let us know.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Foxbat for winning last week's competition. This week, a pic from TNG's "11001001".

16 Sep 2007

Section Update
Poll So the vanishing colony would be best investigated by Picard and his merry men. This week... the Federation President's office is haunted! Who ya gonna call?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Hugh Jass, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from... I have no idea where this is from. Anybody know?

9 Sep 2007

Section Update
Poll So you'd send Picard's crew to deal with a problem with the timeline. Interesting, I'd have thought Janeway myself! This week, a colony vanished mysteriously. Who ya gonna call?

And remember, come sign up to the DITL forum and you too can suggest a poll! Your name could be here!

Caption Competition Congratulations to N'tran DS 12, winner of last week's competition. This week... a shot from Enterprise's "Dead Stop".

2 Sep 2007

Section Update
Poll So Picard was judged best for this last week's mission. This week, we ask who would you send if somebody is tampering with the timeline? Thanks to Teaos for this one...
Forum Reminder Just to remind you folks, the DITL forum is doing well with almost 140 members and over 5,500 posts so far. Come join us and you can suggest poll ideas, critique DITL, talk about Trek, show your own ship designs to other fans, swap jokes, talk politics, or chat about whatever else is on your mind! Beam on down!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Cyd, winner of last week's caption competition - Cyd's first move onto the honour roll! This week, a pic from Voyager's "Timeless".

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