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service history

What's new - Aug 2007

26 Aug 2007

Section Update
Poll So Picard was the one for your problem solving needs last week. This week, who would be able to convince some aliens to hand over the cure to a deadly plague?
Caption Competition Congratulations to LeSmurf, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from DS9's "Body Parts".

24 Aug 2007

Section Update
No updates Yes, yes, no caption comp or poll last week. I am remodelling my garden and spent the whole of last weekend doing backbreaking digging. I will TRY and do the needed updates this weekend, despite the fact that I am shovelling concrete and laying bricks for most of it. So no promises!

12 Aug 2007

Section Update
Poll So you would want Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew to deal with a new first contact. This week, you planet gets bombed by a mysterious enemy... who ya gonna call?
Caption Competition Lucky Strike finally had a lucky strike and won last week's caption competition, so congratulations! This week, a shot from TNGs "Aquiel".

5 Aug 2007

Section Update
Poll So you thought that Sisko would be the best cook. Not surprising! This week we start a new series asking which crew you would like to see deal with various situations. Thanks to Rochey on the DITL forum for coming up with this idea!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wolfman, winner of last week's competition. This week a pic from TOS "Return to Tomorrow."

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