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What's new - Jun 2007

24 Jun 2007

Section Update
Sci-Tech A slight technical problem meant that the images on the recent antigrav page in the sci-tech section weren't showing up. The page should work now.
Reviews Another half dozen or so books have been added to our reviews section so that you can add your own reviews of them. More to come soon...
Poll The Galaxy is in flames... countless species have fallen to annhilation... and ruling the shattered remnants stands the mighty Federation!!!!!!

Ahem. So, the Federation won out over the Romulans by an almost three to one margin to win Galaxy Wars. This week, we're asking about your favourite part of watching Star Trek.

Caption Competition Congratulations to nerd86, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from Enterprise's "Sleeping Dogs".

22 Jun 2007

Section Update
Caption Comp We appear to have been the victims of a spam attack on the caption competition. We have now put a blocker in place so, hopefully, this should be over.

17 Jun 2007

Section Update
Sudden Death Despite the meansures we have to prevent cheating on the Sudden Death competition, there are still one or two loopholes out there. We've been tracking the statistics and find that around 25% of all those who play are using multiple web browsers or machines so that they could look up the answers while they played. Shame on you, you gang of cheats! We've now taken additional steps, and the game should be a little safer.

We've also cleared the high score table. Not to imply that those on the table previously were cheating, but we thought it seemed an appropriate time for a fresh start.

Sci-Tech A new entry, for the sonic shower.
Poll The Romulans absolutely whipped the Xindi's backsides by a more than 9 to 1 margin! So now we have the ultimate face off... the grand final... it's the Federation versus the Romulan Empire. Cast your votes now...
Internals Several new internal pics have been added; one each for the Xindi Insectoi and Illyrian ships, and a few more for the NX class. We now have no less than 39 internal images of this class! A lot, but nowhere near the 52 we have for the Galaxy class, or the whopping 72 we have of the Constitution...
Caption Competition Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition - his fourth win! This week, a shot from Voyager's "Favorite Son".

10 Jun 2007

Section Update
Poll So the Federation slaughtered the Cardassians in last week's semi-final of Galaxy wars. This week the Xindi take on the Romulans!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Dennie Hebels, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Deep Space Nine's "To The Death".

3 Jun 2007

Section Update
Poll A big win for the Romulans in last week's round of Galaxy Wars. Now our list of quarterfinalists is complete... The Federation, the Cardassians, the Xindi and the Romulans. So let the slaughter begin!
Caption Competition Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "The Naked Now". And alright, I should have known complaining about Biggus Dickus jokes would just stoke the fires. I guess I'm just destined to spend my life reading them. Woe is me... :-)

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