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What's new - Mar 2007

25 Mar 2007

Section Update
Poll Well, the Nausicaans not only beat the Tarellians, they won by the biggest poll margin in DITL polling history! This week an interesting matchup... the Cardassians take on the Gorn!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Lynn Campbell, winner of last week's competition - her first ever win! This week, an image from TNG's "Man of the People"

18 Mar 2007

Section Update
Poll Well, in round 1 of Galaxy Wars the Federation soundly whups the Klingon Empire by a four to one majority! This week two second rankers... the Tarellians and the Nausicaans...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Niall Johnson, winner of last week's competition - a first time winner, so well done to him! This week, a shot from TOS "The Gamesters of Triskelion".

11 Mar 2007

Section Update
Poll So, the Great Tribble Hunt is an appealing prospect for you guys. I can live with that.

This week, we start a major new run of polls... Galaxy Wars! We are matching up the sixteen major players of the Galaxy to see which one would win in an all out war. The winners will progress into a quarter finals round, and then the winners of that into the semis, and so on. We are not including uber species like the Douwd, 8472 or Borg, for obvious reasons.

Let the wars begin!

And whups, thanks to RV for spotting the small but obvious typo in the poll!

Caption Competition Congratulations to epclarkson, winner of last week's competition - a first time winner, so well done! This week, a shot from Enterprise "Vox Sola".

4 Mar 2007

Section Update
Species We're re-organised the species pages somewhat. We've added a datapoints section which lists the ship classes and people associated with each species. We've added thumbnails of each person to the images page as well. That may not sound impressive... but for some species it means literally hundreds and hundreds of new pieces of information. See Humans for an example of what I mean!

Because of the sheer volume of information on some of this, we've split the datapoints off into a new sub-page and put the image thumbnails on the images page, which means these have now got enough images to span multiple pages for some species.


Poll Hmm, so the Borg won your most feared ground troops poll. Not sure I buy that, but I can see the idea. This weak, who would you most like to go up against?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Rat Boy, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot From Voyager's "Jetrel". It's a nice cheery one this time, I'm sure you will have plenty of ideas.

1 Mar 2007

Section Update
Site outage Apologies for the site outage today, this was caused by a billing issue with our host. This has been fixed and normal service has been restored.

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