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What's new - Feb 2007


25 Feb 2007

A couple of new internal pics for the NX class.
Andrew Koenig won your choice for the best person to play Chekov. Awwww, nice. This week, we're asking about ground forces and who you would least like to fight!
Added several addition people to the lists.
Caption Competition
Well done Mr. President, you won last week's competition! This week, a shot from DS9 "The Wire".

18 Feb 2007

A new page on the re-ignition of dead stars as seen in TNG's "Half a Life" and DS9's "Second Sight".
Another three TNG season two episodes have gotten expanded reviews.
Ewan MacGregor storms to victory as your choice to play Scotty in last week's poll. This week, Chekov's turn in our final run of these polls.
Thanks to Mirko Aichele and Aron for various nits and additions in the episode guides. Dark also contributed a new YATI for "Time Squared". Samuel Callejo informed me of a mistake in the Big Bangs section, and Andrew pointed out one on the Chin'Toka Invasion battle page.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Mikey, winner of last weeks competition - and now moving to the number one spot on the honour roll! Brain Moore, deposed at long last! Way to go Mikey, well earned!

This week, a pic from TNG "Ture-Q".

11 Feb 2007

So you wanted to see Jet Li as your new Sulu. Good call, I think. Next week we're going to do our final one of these, with Chekov. Send in suggestions...
Wheeee, somebody bought a DITL mug and T-Shirt! I really didn't think anybody would buy any of our merchandise, I set that up more for fun than anything, but we've sold two or three of them now.

Tell you what, if anybody can send me a picture of them holding or wearing a bit of DITL merchandise, I'll put it up on the site. How about that?

Caption Competition
Congratulations to CaptnQuantum, winner of last week's competition - and a first time winner! This week, a pic from TOS "The Gamesters of Triskelion".

4 Feb 2007

The uniforms section of the style menu has been brought into the database. This will mean that we can make it searchable and add references to it, which we will do in the near future. It also means that any race with fleet status will have their own page.
Added games reviews to the search feature.
An expanded review of "The Outrageous Okona" has been posted.
By a mile, you thought Halle Berry should play Uhura. bit light skinned for the role, but I suppose it matters little. This week, as promised, Sulu's turn. Couple of the suggestions for this one reeeeeealy surprised the hell out of me - Lucy Liu? Michelle Yeoh? But hell, why not? The absolutely amazingly good new version of Battlestar Galactica has a female Starbuck, after all!

And for next week, we are going to do Scotty! Get those suggestions rolling in, people...

The Ferengi have been promoted to fleet status. This means that they will appear on the fleets menu and have their own section on the other ships menu. For the moment the only ship in the fleet is the D'Kora, more will follow.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to IAmNotSpock, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "A Night In Sickbay." Have at it!

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