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What's new - Dec 2006

24 Dec 2006

Section Update
Poll Spock was the unsurprising winner of our "best death" poll. This week, a chrismassy poll as we ask which of the major Trek characters would make the best Santa! And we would like to take this opportunity to wish all who visit the DITL a happy holiday season for you and yours.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bob6800, winner of last weeks's competition. This week, a pic from Voyager's "Dark Frontier". And this week, we are going to be awarding the competition to whomever comes up with the most chrismassy caption. When you see the pic, you will realise that this is going to be quite a challenge!

Whups, as Travis Hagen points out, it was in fact "Unimatrix Zero" not "Dark Frontier". Thanks Travis!

22 Dec 2006

Section Update
Other books We've six new books to our list, bringing our total to 985. We now have a total of 343 guest reviews. If you get a book for xmas why not review it here. If the book you want to review is not listed please email us the title and we'll add it.

17 Dec 2006

Section Update
Poll So Picard most deserved to be promoted to Admiral. Good call! This week, who had the best death/funeral scene?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Tiberius, winner of last week's competition - his (or her) second win. This week, a shot from DS9's "Bar Association".

10 Dec 2006

Section Update
Poll Woo hoo, according to our poll Riker deserved his own ship! And the voting public agrees with me once more! Validation!

This week, which Captain most deserved to be an Admiral?

Caption Competition Congratualtions to SlideMan, winner of last week's competition - his second win, putting him in 13th place on the honour roll! This week, a shot from TNG's "We'll Always Have Paris".

3 Dec 2006

Section Update
Poll So DS9 Season 6 was voted as the best season in all of Star Trek history. I can live with that! This week, Which First Officer most deserved to get their own command?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Helmsman #3, winner of last week's Caption Competition - and a first time winner! This week, a pic from TOS "The Empath".

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