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What's new - Nov 2006


28 Nov 2006

Xmas Decorations
Tis the season and all that... Happy Xmas folks, as you can no doubt see our decorations have gone on. After numerous complaints in previous years there is no music or sound effects this year... YET.
As you can see, we have broken the 4 million visitors barrier! Congratulations to you, Mr/Ms 4 million, whoever you are. Interesting to note that back on 27th July 2005 I predicted that this would happen "sometime around the end of 2006" - couldn't ask for better accuracy than that!

Incidentally, should you be interested you can find a "statistics" page in the site guide section below which will show you a breakdown of our visitor statistics over time. We had an especially heavy day yesterday - people coming to see if they could be the 4 millionth, I think?

Although my brother and I do this site almost entirely for our own personal pleasure, I can't deny that it gives me considerable satisfaction to know that there are thousands upon thousands of people who have visited DITL and, hopefully, found some small pleasure in browsing through my own small corner of Star Trek fandom. The Star Trek phenomenon has meant a great deal to me over the years, and the feeling that I have managed to contribute something positive to fandom is very gratifying.

So, here's to five million - which I now officially predict will happen around April of 2008!

26 Nov 2006

Season 4 was the unsurprising winner of last week's Enterprise poll. This week it's the poll of polls, to determine the best season of Star Trek ever produced.
A glich in the Galleries section is fixed - the holoprograms section wasn't working properly, it is no. Thanks to Rick Nilsen for pointing this out. A misattributed quote in TNGs "The Hunted" is fixed thanks to Mirko Aichele. The breen species page has been modified to include Weyoun's claim that their homeworld is not in fact frozen, thanks to yo munky for that. Various typos in the ships section are fixed thanks to asdf fdsa. A misreferences weapon has also been fixed thanks to Aron.
Additional stations now show up on datapoints, they had previously been missed.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to ZebulaNebula, winner of last week's competition and another first time winner! This week, a shot from Enterprise's "A Night In Sickbay."

25 Nov 2006

Site icon
We've updated the site icon to a simplified version of our logo, you may have to refresh the site or clear your cache to see the change.
We've added next and previous buttons to the header on the films pages in the review section.

19 Nov 2006

The Cryosatellite from TNG "The Neutral Zone" has been given an additional stations entry.
Another image of the D'Deridex from TNG "The Neutral Zone" has been added to the entry for that class. I have also re-scanned my pics of the New Orleans class. The previous ones where small, foggy and low quality. The new ones are much bigger and somewhat better, although they're still not great - the original images are not printed all that well I'm afraid. I have also re-scanned the images of the Saber and Steamrunner classes, improving both significantly.
The last episodes of TNG season 1 have been upgraded to full entries.
Season 5 won the best season of Voyager - gratifingly right in line with the scores I give episodes in my reviews section once more. Just goes to show, everybody else got it right again! This week, on to Enterprise. And yes, I mistakenly put seasons 5, 6 and 7 down for this poll when I first uploaded it! Just got into the habit over the last few weeks, I guess. Amazingly enough nobody voted for them...
Caption Competition
Congratulations to jg, winner of last week's competition - his (or her!) first win! This week, an image from Voyager's "Latent Image".

15 Nov 2006

Cleaned up a few images; notably the Talarian Warship from "Suddenly Human" and several pics from "The Wounded". Also from that episode, I've added a view of the Nebula SWAC ready room and another view of the ship itself.

12 Nov 2006

So Season 6 won as the best season of DS9. Bit of a drop off in quality for season 7, though it did come in second place by narrowly beating season 5. Have to agree, DS9 was a series that got very much stronger in its last years. This week, Voyager's turn.
Thanks to Dark for pointing out a couple of broken references on the D'Kora specs page. I should also mention that Dark assisted me in the re-scaling of the Raven the other day; apologies for forgetting to give credit where it was due then. Also thanks go to Mirko Aichele for pointing out a slew of typos on the updated Arsenal of Freedom review, and to Bartek for pointing out a nit on the Neptune class page.

Incidentally, I know I have been terribly tardy in fixing submitted nits and replying to emails in general this last couple of months. Real life has intruded a lot lately, and I haven't given DITL or its supporters the attention they deserve. Sorry, and I will try to do better. If you want to re-submit anything I that has fallen through the cracks, go ahead.

Caption Competition
Congratulations to Kevin P,, winner of last week's caption competition. This week, an image from DS9's "You Are Cordially Invited..."

11 Nov 2006

Eight new internal images of the D'Deridex class have been added, courtesy of "Face of the Enemy".

10 Nov 2006

Slight re-working of the Raven class; I've upped the length about 15% after another look at the scale diagrams. I've also put a more sensible width in after finding a top view on the net that I could scale from.

7 Nov 2006

New images
Added a new pic of the young Trip to his bio page, and a pic of Phlox's very long tongue to the Denobulan species page.

5 Nov 2006

Retellian writing has been added to the writing page of the Styling section.
The neutron microscope from "Stigma" has been added to the medical technology page.
Another couple of TNG episodes have received the upgrade treatment; Symbiosis and Skin of Evil.
Season 6 won the best overall season of TNG, followed by seasons 4 and 7 in joint second place. As you would expect, 1 and 2 came in last. For this week, it's DS9's turn.
Other Ships
A couple of new ships have been added to the additional ship page.
We've created a new list for this section, a listing of all the ship names. As part of this effort, we've gone through our various ship class entries and updated them as much as we can.

Some caution should be applied here; many ship names and classes in Trek are somewhat speculative. Many of them come from reference materials rather than episodes, and in some cases we haven't had those reference materials to hand and have had to use secondhand sources which aren't always completely clear about what comes from where. In any event, we have done the bast that we can for now.

Caption Competition
Congratulations to Pinky & the Brain, a first time wiiner of last week's competition! This week, a shot from TNGs "The Big Goodbye".
We've added a new calculator to this section; this one allows you to specify a distance and time, and spits a warp factor to make that trip back at you. We've also renamed some of the existing calculators to make the names a bit more descriptive.

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