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What's new - Oct 2006

29 Oct 2006

Section Update
Poll Season 2 was voted the best season of TOS, with 1 in second place and 3 last. I must confess, it is mildly gratifying to see that this is the same order as the overall season rankings in our own episode guides. Just goes to show you, you all got it right!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wacky, winner of last week's competition and now in number eighth place on the honour role. Well done! This week, a shot from TOS "The Mark of Gideon". We've also instituted a slight modification to the honour role. you can now click your name and see all your winning and honourable mention caption entries.

23 Oct 2006

Section Update
All Books We've added a new books to the All Books section, 'Rihannsu Book Five: The Empty Chair'. Add your own reviews of this and any other books.

22 Oct 2006

Section Update
Poll Our congratulations to go out for Brannon Braga - not only was he voted the worst writer in all of Star Trek history, but he won by the biggest landslide in DITL poll history. Truly an honour.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Mr. President, who has won another caption competition - now onto his second term, so to speak! This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Dead Stop".

19 Oct 2006

Section Update
Personnel Fixed an issue with the personnel pages which was preventing the films being displayed correctly in the Played by section.

15 Oct 2006

Section Update
Ships A couple of new additional ship entries have been added.
Reviews TNG's "The Arsenal of Freedom" has been given an expanded write up.
Poll Brannon Braga has scored a double "victory" as the worst Enterprise writer. So now it's our poll of polls for the worst writer in Trek history! And the winner is...
Personnel Half a dozen or so now additional personnel entries have been added, bringing our total to 2,303 minor biographies!
Food List Images have been added for about half a dozen items on the food list.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Mr. President, winner of last week's competition and a first time winner! This week, a shot from Voyager's "Virtuoso".

8 Oct 2006

Section Update
Weaponry Added mention of the phase rifle to the Phase Weapons page. Also added a few items to the additional weapons page.
Poll Amazingly enough, Brannon Braga won the worst Voyager writer poll. Staggering, isn't it? I wonder who could possibly win the Enterprise poll?
Internals Some new internals shots; the NX class, the J Class, the Vissian Ship and Stratopod all have new images, along with a few others.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Hisrak, winner of last week's competition and now a four time winner! This week, a shot from DS9's "Indiscretion".

1 Oct 2006

Section Update
Poll Well cover me in custard and call me shocked, but Rick Berman was voted the worst writer in last week's DS9 poll. This week, the roll of shame passes to Voyager...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Gonzo, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "Loud as a Whisper".

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