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What's new - Sep 2006

27 Sep 2006

Section Update
Reviews We've fixed a problem that was stopping the films from showing on the main cast actor bios.

24 Sep 2006

Section Update
Sci-tech A new page has been added to the sci-tech section to cover vision augmentation systems; night vision equipment, binoculars, that sort of thing.
Poll So Maurice Hurley, the writer of "The Arsenal of Freedom" and "Q Who?", won last week's roll of shame as the worst TNG writer. Hmm, he wrote some good episodes IMHO... but he did write "Shades of Grey" and "The Child", so fair enough.

This time, DS9's turn.

Nitfixing Thanks to Dark for pointing out a typo on the Workbee page.
Images We've added thirty or so new images; various pics of ships, architecture, internal images, that kind of thing.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Capt. Jethro, winner of last week's competition and a first time winner! This week, a snap from TOS "Obsession".

17 Sep 2006

Section Update
Search Fixed a few small anomolies with the search facility.
Sci-tech We've put a new page up in the sci-tech section that deals with the various special mental powers we've seen over the years - telepathy, empathy, mind melds, and psycokinesis for a starter. Pictures are in many cases just placeholders until better scans come down the pipeline, so watch this space for improvements there. I'm also looking to add whatever other interesting powers we've seen - suggestions as always are welcome.
Poll So our voters gave Arthur Heinemann the dubious distinction of being the worst TOS writer. Well he did write "The Way To Eden", so it's understandable. This week, who will get the TNG badge of shame?
Food list Merged a few duplicate food items that have crept into the list.
Caption Competition Congratulations to SlideMan, winner of last week's competition. This week, a snap from ENT's "Oasis".

16 Sep 2006

Section Update
Validation Just about every page on the site has now been passed by the W3C Markup Validation Service. This means two things, first that all pages are syntactically valid 'HTML 4.01 Transitional', and second, and perhaps more importantly, there is alternate text for all the graphics used on the site.

In practice this means that you can switch off images in your browser and still use the site, and that you should see the text versions of the buttons before the image is loaded. That should make the site easier to use over a slow Internet connection.

Obviously, there are parts of the site that don't really work that well without images. As an example the size comparison section gives you all the information with or without the images, but obviously you cannot see the ships with them turned off.

11 Sep 2006

Section Update
Calculators Fixed an issue with the layout of the pages in calculators section when using Safari.

10 Sep 2006

Section Update
Stations The Null Space Catapult has been added to the additional stations set.
Ships A couple of ships - most notably, a full entry on the Cravic ship has been added to complement the Pralor one, and the Pup has been added to the additionals.
Poll So... Ronald D. Moore has been voted as the overall best writer in Star Trek history - well done to you Ron! (Yeah, like he ever comes here!)
Caption Competition Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition. This week, a snap from Voyager's "Q2".

4 Sep 2006

Section Update
Nitfixing Fixed a couple of typos, nothing major

3 Sep 2006

Section Update
Technical nit fixed A minor technical nit has been fixed which was accidentally colouring some of the comments sections on ship pages yellow instead of the standard white.
Spring loading Fixed a minor issue with the frames spring loading mechanism where pages with multiple parameters would cause the spring loader to fail.
Ship Names We've started doing something of an overhaul of the ship names on each class. Previously we'd made some attempt to list all the ships, but it was very incomplete and few of the ships had proper referencing. We're working through updating all of the classes, adding missing ship names and references. In addition, we're expanding the way the listing works so that we can distinguish between ships which retired, went missing, were destroyed, or upgraded to another specification. This is an ongoing process, and should be done over the next few weeks.
Poll Manny Coto was the winner of the best Enterprise writer competition... this week, a poll of polls for the all time greatest Trek writer.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bryan Moore on his sixth win in the caption competition - he's now leading the pack by a considerable distance, so well done to him. This week, a picture from DS9's "Playing God".

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