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What's new - Aug 2006


28 Aug 2006

Small Additions
A few small things added around the site - some replacement images, a couple of missing people from DS9, a couple of additional ships.

27 Aug 2006

Another few TNG reviews have been upgraded.
So Michael Piller won last week's poll for best Voyager writer. This week, who is the best Enterprise writer? No jokes please.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Game Guru GG, winner of last week's competition. And my apologies for claiming that it came from Bread and Circuses, when in fact it came from Patterns of Force. This week, a snap from TNG's "Deja Q". And I checked this one!

21 Aug 2006

So Ira Steven Behr beat out Moore for best DS9 writer! This week, Voyager's turn.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Drags, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "Bread and Circuses"

13 Aug 2006

A well deserved win for Ronald D. Moore as the best TNG writer. This week, DS9's turn.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Jason F., winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Strange New World".

Incidentally, I tracked down last week's image - it was from "Maneuvers". I know you were all waiting with bated breath for that information, so you can relax now.

11 Aug 2006

Fixed an issue with the search that would sometimes show blanks in the results when an item name was unknown. It should now show DITL (item) #nn (e.g. DITL Planet #590) as other parts of the site do.
Home page / frames
As you can see we've fixed the issue with the home page not displaying the frames correctly. It was caused by a slip of the finger in DreamWeaver which put a stray bit of HTML in place. We've also fixed an issue with the frames not opening correctly from links from external sites that linked to a body page.

6 Aug 2006

Another few TNG season one episodes have been expanded. Only six hundred or so to go, at this rate I'll be done in about five years... (my five year mission, to type and type and type and type some more until my fingers hurt!)
So, D.C. Fontana won the poll for best TOS writer. It was very much a two horse race, and she beat out the Great Bird himself by a bare six votes, so well done to Dorothy. This week, TNG writers for a much broader choice. Enjoy.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Brian G, winner of last week's competition - his first win! This week, a Voyager image. I have no idea what episode this is from. Sorry, but we have a huge stockpile of future capcomp images and we took this one ages ago!

1 Aug 2006

Fixed the film and episode pages so that the headline picture does not get 'stretched' when a very wide picture is randomly selected. Also, we've fixed an issue were images of other people weren't displayed on episodes that their names where referenced to.
Other books
Added 5 or 6 new and up-coming new books, feel free to add reviews of any books you've read.

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