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What's new - Jul 2006

31 Jul 2006

Section Update
Reviews Another couple of season 1 TNG episodes have recieved upgraded reviews.
Other Personnel Ten missing people have been added to the additional personnel section.

30 Jul 2006

Section Update
Size comparison We've put new and improved versions of our size comparrison images up for the Galaxy, Excelsior, Danube, Intrepid, Ambassador and Constellaton classes.
Poll So the most thought provoking Star Trek episode of all time was "In The Pale Moonlight". Interesting result, not sure I agree with that one. Moving on, we're starting a new run of polls for the best writer... this week TOS.
Internals images We've fixed a problem with the internals images page on the ships entries. It was displaying multiple copies of the images where more than one variant of the ship existed (for example the Excelsior has three variants so the images where being shown three times). Thanks to Christian Therrien for pointing this out.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bryan Moore, last week's winner and now the first person ever to achieve five wins! This week, an image from DS9's "Explorers".

23 Jul 2006

Section Update
Poll The winner of last weeks poll was Similitude. This week it's a poll of polls for most thought provoking episode ever.
Caption Competition Congratulations to TThomaso, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "Second Chances".
Buttons We've re-worked the bouncing buttons slighly. If you are seeing a button that no longer bounces when you hit it please re-load the frame. If that doesn't fix the problem please let us know.

16 Jul 2006

Section Update
Poll So Tuvix won the most thought-provoking Voyager episode by a mile! This week, Enterprise...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Graeme A Carter, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS's "The Empath".

9 Jul 2006

Section Update
Starfleet Crew Sisko's biography has been given the upgrade treatment.
Poll So In The Pale Moonlight was your most thought provoking DS9 episode. This week, Voyager's turn...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Brian Phillips, winner of last week's caption competition. This week, a shot from ENT's "Shockwave, Part 2".

7 Jul 2006

Section Update
Shop We've decided to offer a small range of DITL merchandise - mugs, mouspads, T-Shirts and the like. You can reach it by clicking on the "Shops" button below (refresh that frame if you don't see it), or on the Quick Link above.

2 Jul 2006

Section Update
Search Fixed an issue with the image search where it wasn't finding things if you put a space in your search string.

Now the search has also been enhanced to allow you to search the book reviews, both ours and yours. You can even put your name in and see all the books you have reviewed.

Reviews Another few TNG season 1 episodes have been given expanded plotlines and analysis.
Poll So TNG's Measure of a Man was the most thought-provoking episode. Gotta say I agree with that! This week, DS9's turn.
Personnel We've added a new section to the personnel pages which lists all the actors who have played the character and all the episodes they have appeared in - or all the seasons, if they are a major character. Previously you would have to go to an episode to see who played a character, now you don't. All the actor names are clickable so you can see any other roles they might have played, as are episode titles and such. We hope this adds to the functionality of these pages a little. If more than one person is displayed on the page their image is also now clickable so you get to the single person version of the page.
Images We've made a slight change to the galleries; now when you click on a thumbnail to get a full image, those that come from a large section will give you that image only, with a button to go to the whole section it image comes from. We've done a similar thing in the reviews section; previously, you could click on a thumbnail there and in some cases it would take you to the section the image came from rather than the image itself. Now it takes you to the image, and gives you a button to go on to the section if you desire. The same thing has also been done to the image option in the search page.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Zeke Thorne, winner of last week's competition. This week, an image from VOyager's "Fair Trade".

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