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What's new - May 2006

29 May 2006

Section Update
Poll Appologies for not sorting out the poll before now, but it's a bank holiday (public holiday) in the UK and we forgot. Anyhow the winner of last weeks poll was 'Trials and Tribble-ations'. This week it's Voyagers turn.
Images We've been busy scanning new pictures for DS9, so far season 1 to 3 have new, and in some cases, vastly improved versions of the original pictures. There are also some new images which we'll get time to add over the comming weeks.

28 May 2006

Section Update
Caption Competition Congratulations to Sondak, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Voyager's "Drive".

21 May 2006

Section Update
Episode guides The expansion of TOS season 3 episode guides continues.
Caption Competition Congratulations to drow, winner of last week's competition and now another member of the "four wins" club! This week, a shot from Deep Space Nine's "Melora".

14 May 2006

Section Update
Poll So The Trouble With Tribbles is the funniest TOS episode. I must say I'm confused by the two people who thought "Balance of Terror" was funny, not to mention the two who voted for "City on the Edge of Forever!" This week, it's TNG's turn.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Bryan Moore, winner of last week's competition and now joint top of the caption competition honour roll! This week, a snapshot from TNG's "The Naked Now".

7 May 2006

Section Update
Size comp Fixed a few minor issues with the size comp section:

- Clicking the select buttons now works as it should
- Choosing to sort stations selection by size now works
- You can now click a station image on the individual stations size chart to go to that ship page

Reviews A lot of our series guide entries are pretty thin on detail, so I've started the long, long process of padding them out. For today, the last half dozen episodes of TOS have been done. The plan is to do at least five a week from now on.
Poll Another shocking winner as you declares Alien Nazis the worse cliff hanger episode of all time. This week we're starting another of our periodic runs of episode polls by asking what is the funniest TOS episode?
Other People Considering the pretended identity of this site, you would think that we would have a lovingly detailed entry on Doctor Richard Daystrom, rather than having no entry at all, wouldn't you? Well we have him now, finally.
Nitfixing A bunch of typos and such corrected, thanks to Chris Lussier, asdf fdsa, Jonathon, and dbernar.
Caption Competition Congratulations to drow, winner of last week's competition. This week, an image from TOS "Whom Gods Destroy".

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