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What's new - Nov 2005


27 Nov 2005

So you think we'll get advanced weapons next. I suppose that's quite realistic as weapons allways seem to push technology along. This week which tech do you think we'll never get.
Caption comp
Congratulations to Bryan Moore the winner of last weeks caption competition. This weeks picture comes from Voyager episode 'Lifesigns'.

20 Nov 2005

Wow, by our closest ever poll result you want to see Holodecks! I'm right there with you on that one. This week, which tech do you actually think we might see?
Thanks to Mirko Aichele, James W. Koon, Matthew Ormrod and Samir H for pointing out various nitpicks which are fixed or will be in the immediate future.
We're attaching images to a lot of the lists. The idea is that just as you can click on many of the species and see a picture of them, now you can do the same with food, holoprograms, ship and shuttle losses, planets, etc. We've added about a hundred new images thus far; as usual all are thumbnailed and will appear on the relevant episode page or pages.
Caption Competition
The Steve was last week's winner, so congratulations to him (or her!) This week, a shot from DS9s "If Wishes Were Horses".

13 Nov 2005

Winner of last week's favourite Voyager two parter poll was "Year of Hell". This week - what piece of Star Trek tech would you most like to have in the here and now?
I've added a couple of missing people and species from TOS "The Cage".
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Jack for winning last week's competition. This week, a shot from "Insurrection".

We've also made a change to the layout of the previous caption competitions. Since we've moved to using thumbnails on the site now, clicking on the "Previous" button now takes you to a list of all past caption competition winners along with thumbnailed images. Clicking on any individual one shows you the honourable mentions for that competition. As more and more competitions get added we will probably go to multiple pages for the previous competitions again.

10 Nov 2005

A new advanced search facility goes up today. Hit the search button at the bottom to see. The quick search still works the same way it does. If you get a missing file message when you hit the search button, reload the site and all should be fine.

6 Nov 2005

RIP Michael Piller
Michael Piller succumbed to cancer on Tuesday at the age of 57. He worked on more than 500 episodes of Star Trek as a writer and producer, with credits that included some of the best ever made - his contribution to the franchise can hardly be overestimated. He went too soon and will be sorely missed...
The Search was the winner of Deep Space Nine's best two parter. This week, Voyager's turn.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Stevo for winning last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "Court Martial". This one's a toughie!

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