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What's new - Oct 2005


30 Oct 2005

We've added an "Additional" button to the stations section where we're putting some of the minor stations we've seen. It works just like the Additional ships pages, with sizecomp images as needed.
A new full entry for the Xindi Insectoid assault ship from "Hatchery".
So Best of Both Worlds was another runaway winner for best TNG two parter. This week, DS9's turn...
We're adding internals images of space stations to their entries, either on the full stations pages or on the new additional stations page.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to HJSalberg, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Minefield".

23 Oct 2005

A new entry for the Voyager episode "Fury". Thanks to James Harrigan, who suggested doing this one a while back.
Size Comp
We've added around 15 new size comp images and upgraded a few existing ones.
Site guide
We've added site map and index pages to the Site Guide section.
So In a Mirror Darkly was the unsurprising winner of the Enterprise story arc poll. This week, we're starting a run of polls in similar vein by asking what you favourite TNG two parter is.
A new planet, Argus X, has been added to the planets list. Thanks to Brian Jones for pointing this out.
A new and very nice image of some Type 9 shuttles on the Type 9 page, and a new image of Janeway as an Admiral on her page. A new shotgun image on the projectile weapons page in the weaponry section.
Caption Competition
Zak Arranda won last week's competition, so congratulations to Zak. This week, an image from Voyager's "Prophecy".
Additional Ships
We've added the time ship Aeon to the additional ships page.

16 Oct 2005

The Sphere Builders have been bumped up to a full entry. I've called them the "Guardians" since this is what the Xindi called them, and because "Sphere Builders" doesn't fit on a button.
We've modified the actor biographies so that they show a thumbnail of every character the actor has played in addition to just listing them all.
An easy victory for TNG "All Good Things" as your favourite finale episode. This week we're asking you to vote for the best Enterprise story arc.
Caption Competition
Last week's contest was won by Hisrak, so congratulations to him (or her). This week, an image from DS9s "The Search", part 1.

15 Oct 2005

Three more images on the additional weapons page; the Koinonian mine from TNGs "The Bonding", the energy Muskets from TNGs "Hide and Q", and the Ferengi energy whip.
We've re-formatted the timeline pages somewhat. Previously we listed a year next to every single event, so you would have say twenty table rows all with the year 2370 on them. This was necessary because each item required a reference for the item itself and another for the date - because for instance it is canonical that Kirk was born, but not canonical when that happened. However, this looked awful messy and just generally not very nice. What we've done now is group all items for a given year within one row, and put bullet points next to them. The bullet is then coloured and references with the date information. It greatly improves the layout and makes the whole thing much more readable. The same system has been applied to the mini-timelines on the personnel pages.
The Xindi Primate ship, the Insectoid warship, and Degra's ship have been added as full entries.
A new battle for DS9's "Shattered Mirror".

9 Oct 2005

So Deep Space Nine had the best first episode. This week, we ask which series had the best last episode. I wonder if These Are The Voyages will win...?
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Bryan Moore, winner of last week's competition. This week, an image from TNG's "A Matter of Honor".

4 Oct 2005

A new page on the thalaron generator from Nemesis.

3 Oct 2005

Small update to the NX Phase Cannon armament - I've added another pic which shows the location of all twelve cannon as part of the conclusion.

2 Oct 2005

Another eighteen images of different weapons have been added to the additional weapons page.
Wow, so "These are the Voyages..." even trashed "Threshold" as the worst episode of all time! Interesting, since it came fourth in the best Enterprise episode poll! This week, we ask what you think is the best first episode of any Trek series...
Caption Comp
Congratulations to Turgon for winning last week's competition! This week, a shot from "The Enterprise Incident".
We all know Enterprise had three phase cannons, right? Think again... and check out the new "NX Class Phase Cannon" entry in the articles section.

1 Oct 2005

Several new images of the Phase Pistol have been added to its page, showing the weapon with the top open for insertion of a new doodad. I've also added the Malurian pistol from Civilisation to the Additional weapons page.
The Xindi Reptilian warship has been bumped up to a full entry.

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