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What's new - Aug 2005


31 Aug 2005

Thanks to Lee Joon Nyen, who has over the last months sent me literally dozens of corrections for the species list. Most recently, he let me know the Caretaker's proper species name amongst others.

28 Aug 2005

So "The Storyteller" was your least favourite DS9 episode. This week, Voyager's turn...
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Mikey, winner of last week's competition. This week's is a shot from TNG's "The Naked Now".

24 Aug 2005

A sad passing...
Brock Peters, best know to Trek fans as Admiral Cartwright from Star Trek VI and as Joseph Sisko (Ben Sisko's father) from Deep Space Nine, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was 78. We at DITL send our deepest sympathies to his family.

23 Aug 2005

Book reviews
We now have our 100th book review, thanks to James Tobias who provided it, and of cause to every one else who's provided one. Keep up the good work.

21 Aug 2005

"Shades of Grey" was another unsuprising winner for the least favourite TNG episode. This week, DS9's turn...
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Mikey, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic taken from TOS "The Corbomite Maneuver".
Book reviews
We now have reviews of 87 of our 955 books. Keep up the good work. As a reward you can now click on the name of a reviewer and see all the reviews they have submitted.

14 Aug 2005

So Spock's Brain was the unsuprising winner of worst TOS episode. This week, it's the worst TNG episode...
Caption Competition
Congratulation sot Nick C., winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Affliction".

9 Aug 2005

Main page
If you get an error trying the new links on the main page, force your browser to reload the site and all should be fixed. We've moved a few files and browsers don't allways notice on their own.

8 Aug 2005

A list of the deck contents has been added to the Constitution refit page, courtesy of Mister Scott's Guide to the Enterprise.

7 Aug 2005

A new edition to the reviews section, We've made a list of 955 Trek books which have been writen over the years. Since there is no way we could write that many reviews, we're trying out a new idea and letting you write your own reviews. Just click on the name of a book to see the current reviews and then click add review to add your own.

As with the episode/film writers you can click on an writer to see a list of everything they've done.

Last weeks poll was a runaway win for the ships section. Followed by the Series guides, which has now been renamed to Reviews. This weeks poll is for your 'all time least favourite Original Series episode'. Please note that this is your LEAST favourite episode, not the other way around.
Congratulations to 'Matt Groenig' for winning last weeks caption competition. Hmmm... doesn't that name sound familiar? Anyway this weeks picture comes from Voyager episode 'Night'.

2 Aug 2005

Series Guides
A change to the series guides today. We've renamed them "Reviews" since the movies aren't technically series. We've also added reviews of fifteen or so of the Trek reference books. They follow a similar format to the episode and movie guides; the Datapoints section is included, and points to all the places in the site where the book is used as a reference.

1 Aug 2005

I've added an "Additional" page to the Weaponry section. Mostly this is there because there are numerous times when we've gotten a pretty good look at a gun without learning anything at all about it. I can't justify a full entry for stuff like that without just making a set of specs up, so the new section will just be a bit of blurb text linked to a whole slew of images with captions for each saying where it came from. For now there aren't that many, but I expect this section to grow significantly over time.
Reference system
We're engaged in a slight adjustment to the referencing system used on the site. It's all behind the scenes stuff, just making it a bit easier for us to use, but it may cause some of the refs on pages to come out wrong now and again. We'll fix these as we find them, but it would be helpful if you point out any blank or otherwise wonky references that you notice over the next few weeks.

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