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What's new - May 2005


29 May 2005

Well, we're going to finally bite the bullet and do a run through each Trek series to find your absolute favourite episodes from each. This week we kick off with Enterprise...
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Dahie for winning last week's competition. This week, Voyager's "Future Tense" gets a turn.

23 May 2005

Caption Comp
The caption comp pages have been slightly reworked. The page counter will now reset each time there is a new picture and the previous results are now split into pages. Just click the previous button to see each in turn.

22 May 2005

Well, our poll result isn't good reading for Berman and Braga (shocking, isn't it?). The overwhelming majority would bring back Enterprise only if Manny Coto was put in sole charge of the show.

This week - how long would you wait before doing another series?

Front Page
As you can see, we've added a couple of new features to the front page. A randomly generated fact about the site, plus a couple of links to the latest poll and caption competition.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Hisrak, winner of last week's caption competition. This week, a DS9 entry from "Trials and Tribble-ations"...

21 May 2005

The bulk of the season 1 Enterprise personnel have been done with the usual picture and description.
Pictures of ships, architecture, species and such from Enterprise season 1 have been updated.

16 May 2005

The biographies of T'Pol, Sato, Archer and Tucker have been updated through the end of Enterprise. The Pegasus crewmembers seen on Riker's viewscreen in "These Are The Voyages..." have also been added. I've also added the holographic version of the NX-01 crewmembers to the Other People section.

15 May 2005

So "Star Trek : First Contact" is your "all time favourite time travel story". This week we ask "If you owned Paramount, would you renew Enterprise for a fifth season?".
Hoshi's bioraphy has been updated through the end of Enterprise.
Episode Guide
Reviews of both "Terra Prime" and "These Are The Voyages..." have gone up.

(By the way - I promised I'd say hi to somebody, so as promised, hi guys!)

Caption comp
Congtatulations to the winner of last weeks caption comp, Blurb23. This weeks picture is now up and is taken from "The Arsenal of Freedom"

8 May 2005

Paxton's Mine/Ship has been added to the additional ships, as has one of the craft seen oeprating near the Lunar mine.
An entry on the Verteron arry has been added. I put it as a sci-tech rather than a weapon because it wasn't actually designed for military purposes according to the episode. I've also updated the Verteron particle entry on the particles page.

Oops, minor mistake in the text fixed thanks to Brian Ng. I had the moon and Mars mixed up...

So your favourite TOS time travel story was Star Trek IV. This week, the poll of polls showdown!
Entries have gone up for all the personnel from "Demons".
Episode Guides
The review of Demons is up.
Caption Competition
Last week's winner was GrueMaster, so many congratulations to him. This week's poll is up, and is from "Patterns of Force".
A battle page for the rebellion against the Terran Empire has gone up.
The Lunar mine has been added.

2 May 2005

So First Contact wins the best TNG time travel story. This week we do TOS, so head over to the recreation section and vote now!
Caption Competition
Scott Bates won last week's competition, so congratulations to him. This week's picture is now up, sorry about the slight delay!

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