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What's new - Mar 2005


30 Mar 2005

Slight re-arrangement here. The "Bladed Weapons" section was beginning to become a little ill-fitting given that weapons like the Glavin have no blade. Plus we wanted a place to put the various present-day-style guns we've seen. So we've renamed the "Bladed" page to "Contact Weapons". This page will cover any weapon which you do damage with by holding it and physically striking an opponent - clubs, swords, knives, anything like that. With this change, we should be adding several new entries here over the next days and weeks.

We've also added a "Projectile Weapons" page which will cover rifles, handguns, bows and arrows, anything like that. This kicks off with the Thompson sub-machine gun, the police special, bows and arrows, and Kirk's Bamboo Cannon. Again, more to come...

...and here it is! Projectile Weapons page now has the Colt 45, Shotgun, MP40, Madsen 1950, and Flintlock added.

27 Mar 2005

The Next Generation is your favourite series theme tune. Our next poll is "Which crew whould you like to see in the next Star Trek Film?"
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "Silent Bob", winner of this weeks caption comp. The new image is up and is a rather special picture we've put together from 'Broken Bow'.

23 Mar 2005

Several new additions have been added to the Bladed Weapons page, plus there are a bunch of new entries to the weapons list.

21 Mar 2005

Thanks to David Conneran I've fixed a nit on the Ocampa species page.

20 Mar 2005

Starfleet Crew
We've now added a 'Crew Manifest' button to each section of the Starfleet Crew menu. This will give you a list of all the crew members we have information for and a brief description of each. Now that we're adding people that we don't have pictures of, these manifests should end up being a complete list of all known crew.
The Klingon species page has been updated now that the Klingon Forehead Problem has been largely resolved.
So you'd most like to see a crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars! This week, we're asking what your favourite series theme tune is...
We've added some thirty or so new people, mostly from Enterprise.
Many of the images from season 6 of Voyager have been replaced with much higher quality scans. More to come on this...
We've altered the Actor, Director, Writer and Stunt bio pages to include more detailed information.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Glen, who won last week's competition. This week's snap is from "Spirit Folk".
Additional Ships
Up to now, the Additional ships have not been connected in any way to the size comparison section - we had size comp images for some of them, but you could only get to them by going through the dedicated size comparison section. So we've started putting buttons onto the additional ships pages which work just as the ones on the main ship entries do.

18 Mar 2005

Colour Scheme
We're engaging on a slight re-arrangement to the colour scheme we use on the site. Previously we used a sort of pinkish colour for menu buttons which were title graphics that didn't link anywhere. But I always hated that colour; additionally, we used orange for our title graphics, even though orange text was supposed to link to pages. So we've decided to make all non-linked titles and graphics red from now on. The change will happen over the next day or two.

13 Mar 2005

Well, what you want to see is a new series set just after Deep Space Nine. This week's poll - what sci-fi series or movie would you like to see Trek do a crossover with?
The characters from the recent Enterprise episodes have been added.
Nits and such
A couple of small additions and fixes - thanks to James Imbrogno for pointing out that I had most of the Borg classes down as having no losses even though we've seen ships destroyed on screen. Thanks to Andrew Wagner and Máté Tóth who more or less simultaneously noticed a wrong date on one of the bridge images, and thanks to Michael Sasse for pointing out an error in the quote on TNG's "All Good Things".
Episode Guides
A review of "Divergence" has gone up.
The datapoints section of the episode guides has been modified to include references from both the timeline section and people entries. A new page has been added to the site guide to describe the datapoints feature. This can also be accessed by clicking of the datapoints header in the episode pages.
Caption Competition
Congrats to this week's winner, Zeke Thorne! The new image is now up, and is from Deep Space Nine's "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."

6 Mar 2005

A new addition to the Styling section today, showing images of the various Starship bridges we have seen over the years. We are kicking off with 39 different bridges here!
Well, Data won our "all time favourite character from every series" poll of polls. This week we're asking when you think any hypothetical future series should be set...
Other Personnel
Another 30 or so additions here - DS9 is almost complete now!

We have also made a slight modification to the other personnel - we've started adding people who we don't have pictures for yet. You'll see them as a normal description with a placeholder image. Our ultimate aim is to add lots of character descriptions for people that we hear of but never see; we will also probably add an option to the other personnel selector page which lets you choose to see only those with images if you so wish.

Caption Comp
Congratulations to "me,myself and I" for winning last week's caption competition. This week's picture is taken from TNG episode "The Pegasus".

5 Mar 2005

We've added thirty new entries to the Additional personnel, all of them from the mirror universe. We've also modified the cast lists to split the listings for a character and their mirror version.

3 Mar 2005

Size Comp
Thanks to Gregory D. Paulsen for pointing out a few missing images on the size comparison section.

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