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What's new - Feb 2005

27 Feb 2005

Section Update
Poll Well, Spock won best TOS character with Captain Kirk in an amazing third place! Time for our poll of polls to find your favourite of all the favourite characters...
Caption Comp Well done to cudmr who won last week's competition. No more green glowing things for a while, I promise! This week's pic is from TOS "The Enterprise Incident", and you can come up with something suitably amusing over in the recreation section as of now...

21 Feb 2005

Section Update
Sale We're now selling our final VHS tapes. This time it's Voyager season 5, with a special limited edition softbox version of Dark Frontier (number 5282). We're also including the first two tapes from season 6. I'm also happy to include a copy of STVI The Undiscovered Country, Generations and First Contact on VHS also. You can bid for this collection on ebay:

ebay link

Bidding starts at just £5.

20 Feb 2005

Section Update
Poll Well, Data just pipped Picard to the number one spot. This week, rather obviously, we're doing TOS...
Caption Comp "Sir Joseph Bazooka" is the winner of last weeks caption comp. OK, it was a bit obvious but still very funny. This weeks picture comes from Kir'Shara.

19 Feb 2005

Section Update
Personnel Jake Sisko finally gets a personnel entry, as does Leeta.
Episode Guides A review of Affliction has gone up. You might want to clear a few hours in your schedule if you plan to read this one...

17 Feb 2005

Section Update
Battles A new entry on the Klingon civil war from TNG.

16 Feb 2005

Section Update
Reorganisation Slight reorganisation of the site today. We've folded the shuttles list in with the rest of the ships - previously any ship less than 50 metres long was counted as a shuttle, but this was more than a little arbitrary. Since this has made the lists somewhat longer than previously, we've broke the Other Ships list into two. We've done a similar thing with the personnel list, breaking it into Starfleet crew and others.

You might notice that we've also slightly re-worked the menu graphics throughout the site. Nothing significant, we've just cleaned up the text a little.

14 Feb 2005

Section Update
Species The Andorian and Tellarite pages have been updated to reflect the recent arc.
Personnel All the characters from the recent trilogy now have entries.
Battles A new battle page covering the Romulan marauder's activities has been added.

13 Feb 2005

Section Update
Poll Garak won our most popular Deep Space Nine character poll. This week it's on to The Next Generation...
Personnel A raft of new entries, mostly folks who have been bumped up from "other" status - Degra, Ro Laren, Damar, Seska, Michael Eddington, Sarek and Winn Adami.
Episode Guides Numerous people wrote to point out a mistake I made on the review of The Aenar, so I have removed the YATI. Eric Hoggard was first so he gets the credit.
Caption Competition Unixrevolution won last week's competition - congratulations! This week's picture is now up...

12 Feb 2005

Section Update
Species Thanks to Gregory Glass for pointing out that the Aldebaran Shellmouth was missing from the species list.
Episode Guides Reviews of both "United" and "The Aenar" have gone up.

8 Feb 2005

Section Update
Other Personnel Another 20 or so on othe Other Personnel list, mostly holocharacters from the first few Voyager seasons.

6 Feb 2005

Section Update
The End of Enterprise I can't say I'm happy that Enterprise is cancelled, but I can't say I'm exactly broken-hearted about it either. Sorry, but for whatever it might be worth the DITL will not be supporting any of the various attempts to save the show or continue it in any other way.
Poll The EMH was your favourite Voyager character; the favourite character polls continue with Deep Space Nine up this week.
Personnel About 40 or so people have been added to the Other Personnel list. These are from all over the place, filling in gaps from TOS onwards.
Episode Guides "Babel One" has been added.
Caption Comp Congratulations to 'Mike' who is this week's winner. The new image is up and is taken from 'Past Tense, part II'.

5 Feb 2005

Section Update
Temporal Two more entries here, for Voyager's Parallax, Time and Again and Future's End.
Battles The Borg / 8472 war has been added.

1 Feb 2005

Section Update
Caption Comp You can now enter multi-line captions! You will however, be limited to about 4,000 characters, so don't get too carried away.

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