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What's new - Jan 2005

31 Jan 2005

Section Update
Timeline The individual year timeline pages (reached by clicking on a year in the episode guides) now have next and previous buttons. Clicking these takes you to the next or previous year that there is data available for.
Epguides The display of guest cast listings has been re-worked to display as a table. Although this makes it slightly larger it greatly increases the readability. This also goes for stunt personnel where available.

30 Jan 2005

Section Update
Poll Well, rather surprisingly Trip won last week's Favourite Enterprise character poll. This week it's Voyager's turn...
Other Personnel To save you some bandwidth and give increased flexibility we've put in a new system for the "Additional" species. Previously if you looked for one of these you had to load one of a small number of pages with the species grouped alphabetically. This meant that you could wind up having to download twenty or thirty images to see the one you wanted.

The new system uses a picker based on the one used in the "Other Personnel" section; you select Quadrant and a letter or letters of the alphabet and the picker will show you every matching species.

Episode Guides An entry on "Observer Effect" has been added.
Caption Competition Congratulations to USS Renown, who won last week's competition. This week's picture is now up - it's from TNG "Captain's Holiday".
Battles A new entry for the Battle of the Omarion Nebula. Thanks to cysez for suggesting I do this one.

23 Jan 2005

Section Update
Ships A full entry on the Andorian warship has been added to the Other Ships - Miscellaneous section under the name "Kumari class". A full entry on the Earth ship seen in "The Expanse" has been added. Lacking any other name, for now I've gone with those who call this the Neptune class.
Sci-tech The subspace node mentioned in "Daedalus" has been added to the Subspace Phenomena part of the sci-tech section.
Poll So, your favourite Vulcan was Sarek, followed by Tuvok... this week, we're starting a run of polls where we'll ask who your favourite character is from each series. Then we'll put them all head to head in a "best character ever" poll of polls! We start with Enteprise...
Caption Competition Last week's winner was pike - congratulations! Head over to the recreation section for this week's competition...

20 Jan 2005

Section Update
Personnel The cast of "Daedalus" have been added to the Other Personnel section.
Episode Guides A full review of "Daedalus" has gone up.

19 Jan 2005

Section Update
Temporal More new images, this time for E2

18 Jan 2005

Section Update
Temporal Some new images for the Twilight temporal entry. Some really nice ones here.

17 Jan 2005

Section Update
Ships New images for the Raven class and - finally - images for the Borg Yacht!
Sci-tech The subspace sinkhole from Voyager's "Gravity" has been added to the subspace phenomena page.
Personnel Another ten or so people have been added to Voyager season 5. Also, new images have gone onto the Tuvok and Seven of Nine pages, showing them as youngsters.

16 Jan 2005

Section Update
Weapons New images for the Xindi weapon, 'Probe' and 'Weapon' pages.
Species More new pictures, this time for all of the Xindi species.
Ships Additions to the Additional ships list - the Night Ships from Voyager's "Night" and the Malon shuttle from "Extreme Risk". Plus improved scans of several ships from Voyager season 5.
Sci-tech New images for the Subspace Amplifier from the enterprise episode 'Silent Enemy'
Poll "Allies retake Deep Space Nine - Favor the Bold/Sacrifice of Angels" was the winner of this weeks poll. The new poll is now up, "Of the significant Vulcans we have seen over the years, which is your favourite? (Spock is not included as he is not pure Vulcan)"
Personnel I've started the process of doing the Voyager Season 5 personnel entries. SO far it's just a few scattered throughout the season.
Caption Comp Congratulations to 'TimB', the winner of this weeks caption competition. There where over 700 entries this week. The new picture is now up and is taken from Enterprise episode 'The Xindi'

13 Jan 2005

Section Update
Battles New images have gone up for Enterprise Attack, Azati Prime, Sphere Bashing and Saving Earth battle pages.

9 Jan 2005

Section Update
Poll I sense this will be a popular one - what is your favourite Trek space battle? LOTS of choice here... go the the recreation section and vote now!
Caption Competition Congratulations to last week's winner... Lobster!

The new picture is now up in the recreation section. This one is from Voyager's "Demon".

4 Jan 2005

Section Update
Poll So, we've had several people writing to complain that we missed their favourite species off the poll choices. While we can't possibly do a complete list of Trek species for the poll, we did end up cutting (and in one or two cases, forgetting!) some pretty major choices. We got enough complaints that on reflection we've decided to abandon the poll and restart it with a fuller range of options.

This is a one off thing. If your favourite species still isn't there, that's a shame but we're not changing it again!

2 Jan 2005

Section Update
Sci-tech A new entry here covering the Stellar Cartography facilities we've seen.
Poll This weeks poll. "Which is your favourite of these species?". The winner of last weeks poll was the new 'first contact' uniform, closely followed by the 'TOS Movies'.
Epguides We've fixed the air dates on a few DS9 episodes and corrected the order of episodes in DS9 series 4.
Caption Comp Congratulations to 'BADScarab', winner of this weeks caption competition. This weeks picture is now up and is taken from DS9 episode 'The Visitor'.

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