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What's new - Nov 2004

28 Nov 2004

Section Update
Poll Well from our poll it seems it's still too early to decide if Many Coto is going to rescue Enterprise. This week we've decided to re-run the best series poll we started the polls off with. This time multiple voting should not be a major issue, so we'll see how things shape up.
Caption Comp The winner of the 12th weekly caption competition is "James", so congratulations! This week's competition is now up, so head on over to the recreation section and have a go.

21 Nov 2004

Section Update
Species A number of the Delta quadrant additional species have new images.
Ships New images on the Dauntless ship entry.
Poll Last week's poll is in - I found the results both surprising and interesting, so check them out. This week's question is "Now that Manny Coto is in charge, which of these best represents your view of Star Trek : Enterprise?" Head on over to the recreation section and reqister your opinion...
Other Personnel A number of character bios for season 3 and 4 of Voyager have been added.
Caption contest =NoPoet= won last week's caption contest, so well done and much kudos to him (her?). This week's competition pic is now up so head on over to the recreation section and have a go!

20 Nov 2004

Section Update
Tooltips We've replaced the simple yellow tooltips, that popup when you point to a referenced piece of text, with a much more useful version. These will display full details of the reference in a little popup box. You can click on the main document to clear the popup, or wait and it will disappear after a suitable delay. If you don't see these right away please reload the frame and they should show up.

Popup blockers will not prevent use of this system. We've checked for browser compatibility with Netscape and Internet explorer on Windows and Netscape, Internet Explorer and Safari on the Mac. Please let us know if you have a problem. For the technical amongst you with system requires a browser that supports both CSS and Javascript.

16 Nov 2004

Section Update
Species Several of the additional Delta Quadrant species have new and improved images.
Personnel Around 40 people have been added to the Other Personnel list from Voyager season 3.

15 Nov 2004

Section Update
Sale Our Voyager series four videos are now on sale on EBay.

Voyager series 4

Nitfixing Thanks to Dan Butler for pointing out a nit on the Intrepid class images page.
Epguides We've tweaked the way the datapoints section on the episode guides works. You will now see the datapoint in listed against every episode referenced in it's write up, rather than just the first entry. As part of this move we're checking and updating the lists to include as more detail than was available previously.

14 Nov 2004

Section Update
Ships A little jiggering with the strengths of the Ent Klingons ships. Most notably, the armour has been altered to the dispersive armour mentioned in "The Augments"

The Denobulan ship and the Klingon escape pod from "The Augments" have been added to the Other ships additional page.

Poll Well, Morn won the hottest trek guy poll, which I suppose proves that our visitors are overwhelmingly male and/or have a sense of humour. This week's poll is now up - what is the best Trek movie?
Personnel The entries for Arik Soong, Persis and Malik have been updated through the end of the Augments story arc. I've also added a few others from the last two episodes.
Nitfixing Thanks go to Paul Berkelmans for a nit in the Voyager ep guides and to Phil N. for one in the Tri-Cobalts article.
Episode Guides Reviews of both "Cold Station 12" and "The Augments" have gone up.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Matthew Petersen for winning last week's competition!

This week's picture is now up. Head on over to the Recreation section and give it a go...

7 Nov 2004

Section Update
Series Guides Lots of people emailed me to say that I had a YATI wrong in Borderland - Soong did not in fact create the genetically engineered embryos, he merely stole ones kept in storage since the Eugenics wars, so there's no need to assume he's almost 200 years old. After watching the episode yet again I have to agree - it creates the impression that he did it, but it doesn't actually say that he did, so I have deleted the YATI accordingly. Several people sent this in more or less simultaneously, but Rick Alverado was first by about 20 minutes so he gets the official credit.
Poll Well, Seven of Nine stormed last week's hottest babe poll. In the interests of fairness and balance, this week's poll is 'Who is Trek's hottest guy?'
Nitfixing Thanks to Matthew Ormrod for pointing out a typo in the ep guides.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wodball, who won last week's caption competition!

This week's picture is now up...

6 Nov 2004

Section Update
Species Orions have got a full entry on the Species list. Some interesting images here...
Ships The Orion ships from Borderland have been added to the Additional section of the other ships list.

Also, more importantly, I've done a full-on entry for the Enterprise Bird of Prey. No sizecomp image yet (anybody got one I can have?), and the specs are crazy speculative, but it all hangs together fairly well and there's come lovely images here.

Personnel Most of the named characters from Borderland have had entries added. As of yet I haven't seen the next two eps so the biographies end at Borderland. No spoilers please, I will update as I get to see the eps in the next couple of weeks.
Episode Guides A full review of Borderland has now gone up.

2 Nov 2004

Section Update
Yay! So, we finally hit 2,500,000 visitors. I was number 2,499,999, but somebody beat me to it for the big one. Congratulations whoever you are!

So, next big milestone is 5,000,000. If things go as they are we should hit that towards the end of 2008. See you there!

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