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What's new - Aug 2004

27 Aug 2004

Section Update
Articles At Craig Chamberlain's suggestion I've added a few more items to the Dangling Threads article; the Genesis device, the Alpha/Gamma Jem'Hadar, the short-lived warp 5 speed limit, and Thomas Riker. And thanks to Brad Tower for pointing out that I'd referenced the wrong episode at one point in the article.

26 Aug 2004

Section Update
Articles A new article in this section, detailing some of the dangling plot threads which have surprised or irritated me over the years.

22 Aug 2004

Section Update
Search As you can see, we've added a search box to the front page. You can still get to it via the dedicated button below, but we thought this would make things a bit faster and more convenient.
Nitfixing Kirk McDonough pointed out numerous typos in the TAS ep guides which are now all fixed.

21 Aug 2004

Section Update
Sci-tech The holodeck entry has been expanded into a "Holographic Technology" entry which covers the holodecks plus duck blinds, the EMH/LMH series, holo communicators, desktop displays, holosuits and the mobile emitter.

Also a new entry here, discussing neutron stars.

19 Aug 2004

Section Update
Sci-tech A bunch of new planet types have gone onto the planetary classification entry, complete with images for most of them. The information is largely taken from the Star Trek : Star Charts book, which is well worth checking out if you get the chance.
More nits Several typos in the DS9 ep guides section are fixed thanks to Christoph Galuschka.
Episode guides A large chunk of analysis has been added to the DS9 "Call to Arms" episode, based on a newsgroup post I made a while back.

18 Aug 2004

Section Update
Sci-tech As promised, an entry on the Soong type androids has been added to the Androids entry. I've also put up a new entry on planetary collisions as seen in "Ship in a Bottle". Take a look at the pics on this one, they're gorgeous!
Nits Thanks to Jason McGown, Joseph Reekers, RĂ©mi Maloney, Lee Joon Nyen, Morgan Beardsley, and William T Riker for various typos, additions to the ep guides, etc.

I've gotten really far behind on my emails lately. I think I'm up to date now; If you're waiting for a response to something, feel free to re-send it. I'll try to keep up in future!

17 Aug 2004

Section Update
Personnel We've added an "unreal" selection option to the Other Personnel page. The idea is to add the various holodeck characters, dream characters and what have you. To this end, we've added some of the holographic characters to the episode listings as well.
Images We've started updating the Additional ships section in the Other Ships list with images from the DVDs; we've increased the standard image size here from 250 to 400 pixels across, so the new images are getting much bigger and nicer. I've also taken to grabbing any ships I notice as I go through the discs, so there are three or four new entries here.

16 Aug 2004

Section Update
Sale We're now selling our Voyager Videos, on ebay.

Voyager Series 1 Videos
Voyager Series 2 Videos

11 Aug 2004

Section Update
TAS The emails so far are heavily in favour of adding species, personnel, etc from TAS, on the proviso that it's not marked as canon. It wouldn't be - we would mark all TAS info as official (green), and all would be referenced to the individual episode it came from via our referencing system.
Sci-tech A new page here on the various androids we have seen in Trek. So far it is limited to TOS only; the Soongian androids are on the way!
Images The image replacement flood continues; virtually all of the sci-tech stuff is done now, along with various other images around the site.

10 Aug 2004

Section Update
Images Lots more new images, mostly in the sci-tech section but also in the ships, battles and temporal sections.
Battles A battles page covering Insurrection has gone up.

6 Aug 2004

Section Update
Temporal A new entry, for TOS's "All Our Yesterdays".
Styling A few new images have been added here - Ferenginar, Trill, Meridian, etc.

5 Aug 2004

Section Update
Images Updated images for Romulan Attack, The M-5 Debacle, The Doomsday Machine and Reman Nemesis in the battles section. Plus, the Assignment : Earth in the temporal section.

4 Aug 2004

Section Update
Styling Views of Bajor, Romulus, Remus and Starfleet have been added to the Architecture section.
Episode Guides Well, we debated about whether to do this for a long time... and finally, we have added The Animated Series to our episode guides!

There are still a fair few holes that I'll be filling in over the next days and weeks, but as of now all the normal features are there - full reviews plus writer, director and actor lists, best and worst of, etc.

Now, the big question... do we start adding species, characters, ships etc? I'm right on the knife edge for this one, so let me know if you want to see them or not - I do this site in part as a service for you guys, so your opinion could swing it!

Articles Whilst scanning one of those replacement images for the battles pages, I happened to notice something that led to a whole new article on tri-cobalt devices.

3 Aug 2004

Section Update
Styling A new part ot this section - architecture. It's basically just some images of various cities, bases and such that we've seen over the years which I had sitting on my hard drive.
Images We've now replaced images for the The Odyssey, The Battle of Minos, AR-558, Chin'Toka Retreat and Advance on Cardassia battles. Plus, new images for temporal entries A Matter of Time and Captain's Holiday.

2 Aug 2004

Section Update
Temporal A new entry, Enterprise's "Twilight". Pictures aren't too bad on this one, and there are certainly a lot of them!
Sale time again We're now selling three of the Trek films on Video:

Star Trek VI : The Undescovered Country
Star Trek Genderations (Special Collector's Edition)
Star Trek First Contact (Special Collector's Edition)

Feel free to bid.

Images Replacement images for the following battles : The Wrath of Khan, Deep Space Nine, Sector 001, The Dominion War and Khitomer Crisis. Also replacement images for the Pheonix, Sovereign and Vulcan Lander.
Battles Wolf 359 battle images updated.

1 Aug 2004

Section Update
Temporal A new temporal entry, E Squared this time. As is often the case for Enterprise they aren't brilliant quality images on this one I'm afraid.
Images Talking of images, we've found a way of clipping them straight from the DVDs. This means we've got some extremely good pictures. So far we've replaced lots of the station pictures and those in the 'Valley of Death' and 'Chin'toka Invasion' battles.
Articles I've started something of an overhaul of the articles section. Mostly it's just going to be fixing some formatting problems I've noticed and any typos/poor wording I come across, but I'm also thinking of updating a few articles as well and maybe adding a few more images to some of them. For now, I've re-written part of the Borg History article to reflect the Borg's history with Guinan more accurately.

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