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What's new - Jul 2004


31 Jul 2004

Size comparison
We've re-worked the way we display the references and comments at the bottom of the size comparison charts. We have merged the reference list and comments tables into one more readable table.

28 Jul 2004

Another temporal entry, this time "Past Tense".

27 Jul 2004

A few new temporal entries are coming; today, Deep Space Nine's "Little Green Men"

23 Jul 2004

Jerry Goldsmith, the academy award winning composer who created some of Star Trek's most famous music, has died in his sleep aged 75. He will be sorely missed.

22 Jul 2004

Series Guides
Thanks to Franz Hansen, who pointed out that the Xindi-Arboreal character was actually called Jannar.
Thanks to Daniel Butler who pointed out broken links on the Lineage page. These are now fixed.

21 Jul 2004

I've added twenty or so new items to the timeline.
Size Comparison
And a new one, the Mercury Redstone rocket. I drew this one myself, I'm quite proud of it!

20 Jul 2004

Size Comparison
As part of my recent urge to add real life stuff to the size comp section, I've added the Bell X1. Excuse this time is that it's seen in the Enterprise title sequence. If anybody has drawings of the other stuff in that sequence, by the way, I'd be highly grateful to get them. But photographs are no good for this, it has to be a perfectly side on artist's (or CGI) rendering akin to the other stuff in the size comp section.

19 Jul 2004

I've expanded the Klingon entry somewhat to give a much more comprehensive account of the legends surrounding their origins.
The Scitech section has now been referenced, apart from two entries (Medical Technology and Navigational Deflectors) which are still to be done. This completes the referencing on all major parts of the site. It has taken us the best part of a year to do this but I think you'll agree that it has been well worth the effort.

18 Jul 2004

Size Comparison
I've added the Titanic to the size comp section. My excuse is that it was mentioned in Voyager once, though admittedly not seen.
A smattering of people from Voyager season 2 have been added to the Other Personnel pages. A few of the Delta Quadrant species entries have been modified to use the new images as well.

Also, Phil N. told me a long time ago that I was using the same picture for two of the Ferengi. I promised to fix it then forgot all about it until I was looking through some old emails, so a belated thanks to Phil for this one.

15 Jul 2004

New pics for the tri-cobalt device from "Caretaker".
Any Epguides page that lists a year for an episode will now link to a timeline for that year.
A new battles page about "Basics". We've included the first part only for now until we get the third season DVD set. Lots of nice pics here, including many shots of Voyager firing multiple phaser beams, Voyager sitting on a planet and other such unusual stuff.

14 Jul 2004

Links page
We've spring cleaned the links page and reformatted it in the site table style.

13 Jul 2004

Timeline / Personnel pages
We have now merged the Timeline and events from the Personnel pages into one consistent timeline. This means there are now over 1000 entries in our timeline database. It also means that the personnel pages have a fuller events list for each character. We've also modified the layout of the timeline entries to match the events list on the personnel pages.

And thanks to Stefan Krimmer, who was the first to notice that I'd written "HMS Botany Bay" instead of "HMS Bounty" for the name of Kirk's stolen Bird of Prey.

4 Jul 2004

Several people have pointed out that I had two eps down as the first time Picard orders earl grey from his replicator; Peter Holmqvist was the most recent. Corv2k2000 pointed out that I didn't have Jake Sisko listed in the DS9 cast, Captain Toroca pointed out a mistake in the references on the Regency class page, and RĂ©mi Maloney pointed out a YATI for Trials and Tribble-ations.
70 or so items have been added to the timeline; most are from Enterprise and cover the earlier sections. A further 80 items have had missing references added; the remainder are coming soon.
The alternate timeline ships, listed on the temporal menu, have now been pulled into the database. This means that they now have references like other ships on the site.

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