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What's new - Jun 2004

30 Jun 2004

Section Update
Episode Guides Thanks to CubsFan, a mistake in the Star Trek IV review is fixed.

27 Jun 2004

Section Update
Size charts The Size charts section has now been completely reworked. It had grown so large that using title graphics was no longer practical, so we've changed over to text on both the seletion and display page. We've also reworked the way the references display. We are also working on making this section available to non-script browsers but are not quite there yet. Watch this space.
Pesonnel A few minor updates to to T'Pol and Mayweather's pages.
Epguides A few changes, Now that we have three series of Enterprise we've chosen a Best of Trek and Worst of Trek for it. We've also added a line to the factiod of every episode that is nominated for a Best of / Worst of award so they are easier to spot. We've also reformatted the Best of / Worst of page slightly.

19 Jun 2004

Section Update
Weaponry Thanks to G2k I've been able to replace the Xindi prototype weapon pics with far better quality versions, and add several more to this page.
Sizecomp The P-51 mustang has been added to the size comp section, since it appeared in the Enterprsie finale.
Quiz Another sixty or so questions have been added to the quiz. Most of these concern Enterprise, so the quizes are now bang up to date on that score.

The average score is hovering right around 50%...

Another change to the quiz. The 'All' category has now been removed and the 'General' section expanded to include Episodes, Species and Planets questions.

Battles Two new battles here; "Saving Earth" covers the various attempts to stop the Xindi weapon over the last few Enterprise episodes, whilst "Sphere Bashing" describes the efforts to defeat the Spheres. Many nice images here!

16 Jun 2004

Section Update
Weapons list The weapons list has now been linked to the main weaponry entries.
Recreation section The quiz available under the recreation section has now been upgraded. There is now a small quiz (5 questions), a medium quiz (10 questions) and the large quiz (20 questions). There is still the five different sections for each quiz as before. See how well you know trek.

15 Jun 2004

Section Update
Epguides The 'datapoints' section the episode guides has now been reworked. Previously if you clicked a name of a planet, species, war etc you would be taken to the list for that type of item. As some of these lists are very long that could mean quite a wait as the page loaded.

Under the new system you will be taken to a page that describes just the item you clicked. You can still see the entire list by clicking the label for the type of item (e.g. clicking the word Planets would take you to a full list of planets). There is also a button on each 'single item' page to 'show all' entries for that list.

Hopefully, this will make this part of the site much more user friendly.

13 Jun 2004

Section Update
Weaponry The entry on the Xindi probe in the Weaponry section has been converted into an overview of the several different versions of the weapon we saw throughout season 3. This is now a much bigger and more comprehensive entry than before! There are also quite a few new images which are pretty good quality given the source.

6 Jun 2004

Section Update
Personnel Trip and T'Pol's personnel pages have been updated to cover the last season or so.

5 Jun 2004

Section Update
Search The search facility now remembers what you've asked it to search for between visits to the page.
Articles A small article "Here be Remans?" has been added to the Articles section. It examines the alien seen in the Enterprise finale.

3 Jun 2004

Section Update
Other Personnel Voyager season 1 is mostly done, another 36 people.

1 Jun 2004

Section Update
Personnel Another 78 people have been added, covering DS9 seasons 6 and 7. DS9 is now more or less complete, which is nice because the first season of Voyager DVDs has just arrived!

As before, we've gone through the Other Species pages and changed a whole slew of them over to the new images as well.

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 8,672 Last updated : 30 Jun 2004