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What's new - May 2004

30 May 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks to Nick Quayle, B. Cross, Michiel Brouwer, Falcon, Daimon Sherriff, and Jane Robinson for various fixes around the site.
Episode Guides A review of Zero Hour has gone up. This came very close to being the first 5-badge episode Enterprise has ever had. Guess what lost it a badge?

26 May 2004

Section Update
Personnel Another 50 added, taking us to the end of Deep Space Nine season 5.
Lists Various items are being added to the lists as we go through the episodes for Personnel. I couldn't tell you all of them, but there's a bunch of tech stuff for Empok Nor since there was so much technobabble in it, plus a Runabout destroyed that I hadn't previously spotted.

25 May 2004

Section Update
Epguides As you have probably already noticed, the Season 3 Enterprise page is now working again.

24 May 2004

Section Update
Ep Guide fix B. Cross and Zephir both pointed out that I'd spelled the Xindi Commander's name wrong. We also seem to have some technical problem with the ep guides; it should hopefully be fixed soon.

23 May 2004

Section Update
Weapons The referencing system has been applied to the weapons section.
Other Personnel Another 100 people have been added to the list, covering DS9 through season 4 and quite a few characters from the movies. This is a bit of a landmark update, because we now have more than 1,000 people on this list!
Images New images for the Phoenix, the Vulcan lander, and various other places around the site.
Episode Guides More or less complete reviews of the next three episodes have gone up. The few holes will be filled in over the next day or two.

19 May 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks to Dan Sweikata for pointing out an error on the Azati Prime battle images page - I mixed my port and starboard up again...

Also thanks to RĂ©mi Maloney for a DS9 episode fix, Alex Lampe for some Voyager fixes, Zephie and B. Alazraki for Enterprise episode fixes, Joe for a fix on the Federation Trainer, Michael Coulter for an Enterprise nit, Daniel Butler for a TNG episode nit, Daniel Butler for some nits in the Temporal section, and Rich Culver for contributing a YATI for "The Forgotten". Thanks for your patience people, I know some of you have been waiting quite a while for these fixes!

16 May 2004

Section Update
Battles Our technical problems have been resolved successfully. I've added a battles page on Azati Prime for your enjoyment.

9 May 2004

Section Update
Updates We're having some technical problems with the database at the moment. I can still make updates, but it's possible that the updates I make will all vanish when the problem is fixed so I'm holding off on doing anything for now. The problem should be fixed next weekend or thereabouts.

3 May 2004

Section Update
Other Personnel Another 78 people are added today, covering the rest of DS9 season 2 and most of season 3.
Nit Thanks to B. Cross, who pointed out aproblem with some of the Other Personnel entries. Some of the stuff I've been putting up lately has been linked to the wrong series - it's mostly fixed now.

2 May 2004

Section Update
Series Guides Full reviews of Damage and The Forgotten have gone up.

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